Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actress Shweta Tiwari rams her car while shooting; Here's how it happened

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actress Shweta Tiwari recently rammed her car while shooting for a sequence. Here's how things took place.
Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actress Shweta Tiwari rams her car while shooting; Here's how it happened
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Shweta Tiwari has been in news for quite sometime. Be it her comeback to TV, her controversy with husband Abhinav Kohli or rumours about her daughter Palak's big debut, she is becoming the hot topic of discussion. And now, there is yet another interesting yet worrying news about the actress. While we know many actors who put in their best to make a scene believable, Shweta seems to have taken this a top notch level higher. The actress who is currently seen playing the role of Guneet Sikka in the newly launched show Mere Dad ki Dulhan, has faced a tragedy on the sets. 

The beautiful actress recently rammed her car and damaged it. Yes, you read it right! She got into a small accident. But, don't worry, she is absolutely fine, it is only her car that has been damaged. Well, all of this happened while Shweta was rehearsing a scene for her show. During the shoot she bumped her car into that of  Amber’s and actually ended up causing damage to her expensive car. 

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Sharing deets about the funny scene, Shweta revealed that since the show is based out of Ghaziabad, the whole cast and crew headed to Delhi for the promo shoot and initial episodes. It was a very long day and there wasn't much time to wrap up the shoot and also complete rehearsals. So, she took the baton in her hand. As she knew how to drive a car, she started practicing a scene where she had to bump into Amber’s car. Since that couldn't come out naturally of her, she decided to practice well before the actual shoot. While doing so, she eventually ended up damaging her car a little. She described this a very funny scene, and laughed it off. 

Well, what do you think of Shweta's incident? What you be okay, if your baby car would be damaged for whatever reasons? Comment down below and let us know. 

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