Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: A big fight to erupt between Bela and Vishakha; Dev to rescue Nayantara

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Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: A big fight to erupt between Bela and Vishakha; Dev to rescue Nayantara

Ekta Kapoor's supernatural drama Naagin 4 starring Nia Sharma (Brinda), Vijay Kumeria (Dev) and Anita Hassanandani (Vishakha), is one of the most popular shows on Indian Television. The show's soaring TRP since its premiere is proof of the love the audiences have for it. We earlier told you that Naagrani Bela aka Surbhi Jyoti is all set to return to the Naagin universe. All this will happen as in the lal tekri temple, where Vikshakha will try to kill Dev for capturing the naagmani from him. 

Here, Bela will come to Dev's rescue and try to put Vishakha to the death bed. She avenges Vish for her past betrayal, but unfortunately, Vish will not die owing to her powers. Now in the upcoming track, all this will lead to a big fight between Bela and Vishakha. Yes, the two icchadhari naagin's will have an ugly face-off and will come at loggerheads to hurt each other. Bela will recall how her once best friend betrayed her and Maahir in the past and will vent out all the anger on her. 

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And as they fight, Dev will fall unconscious and his hand will touch the pillar where Vish has held Nayantara captured. Dev's powerful touch will release Nayantara from the capture and will leave everyone shocked. Yes, Nayantara is going to be free and will make a comeback soon. All the secrets related to her death, her naagin avatar and more will also be spill out in the forthcoming track. 

Well, if you're thinking that you'll get to see Bela's love Maahir also soon, then you'll have to wait a little longer, as his entry will happen after this drama is over. Are you excited to watch this intense drama unfold on Naagin 4? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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