Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Brinda to learn about Shaklakha's real identity

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 4, Brinda will get a clue about Shalakha's real identity. Here's what will happen.
Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Brinda to learn about Shaklakha's real identity
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The fourth installment of Ekta Kapoor's supernatural drama Naagin 4 started well. With new leads, Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria, the show received a good response. However, as time passed by the TRP points started decreasing, and from the top, Naagin 4 slowly hit the last on Top 10. So, to get back in the race, makers decided to introduce new twists and turns. They also made additions to the team, and recently Bigg Boss 13 finalist Rashami Desai made a grand entry in the Naagin universe. 

Rashami aka Shalakha's entry brought about a drastic change in Brinda and Dev's life. The thriller leaped, showing Shalakha as Dev's new wife, leaving Brinda shocked. This started a face-off between Shalakha and Brinda over Dev, wherein both the women are trying to prove their right over him. While we already told you earlier that Shalakha has come with an evil plan, and she is not who she shows to be, her truth will soon be busted before Brinda. Yes, you read that right!

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In the upcoming episode, Brinda will get some clue about Shalakha putting up a fake face, and hiding some truth. Yes, she will learn that Shalakha is also an icchadhari naagin who has immense power. She has entered the Parikh family to ruin BrinDev's life, and Brinda will be utterly shocked to know all this. However, seeing Shalakha rather calm and composed, Brinda will suspect her motives. She is puzzled to see Shalakha not using her powers to destroy everyone and will think that she is here for the naagmani. 

It would be interesting to see if Brinda finds out that Shalakha is actually Nayantara. How will the drama unfold further? Will Shalakha try to harm Dev and Brinda? What are your thoughts about the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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