Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Brinda throttles Shalakha's neck and warns her to stay away from Dev

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 4, Brinda and Shalakha will get into a heated war of words over Dev. Here's what will happen.
Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Brinda throttles Shalakha's neck and warns her to stay away from Dev
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Naagin 4 starring Nia Sharma, Vijay Kumeria and Anita Hassanandani has taken a drastic turn with Rashami Desai aka Shalakha's entry. The supernatural drama has taken a year's leap and the lives of the central characters have changed completely. While Dev is now married to Shalakha, Brinda is still seeking revenge for Maynata and Nayantara's death. However, amidst all this, Brinda is fighting for her husband with Shalakha. Yes, Shalakha and Brinda are at war to see who finally gets Dev, as he is married to both. 

Now, in the upcoming episode, viewers will get to see some sizzling romance between their beloved #BrinDev. Though everyone has poisoned Dev against Brinda, he still has some feelings for her, and that will become evident even to Shalakha. It will so happen that while Brinda is making tea in the kitchen, Dev comes and unknowingly touches the hot vessel, burning his hands. Brinda will get worried to see Dev hurt, and lovingly applies medicine to calm down his pain. 

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Later, she will enter Dev's bedroom and sleep on his bed, claiming that she is his wife and has right over him. To prove her point, Dev will start unbuttoning himself and will go shirtless. He will go close to Brinda and ask her to be a dutiful and loving wife. While Brinda gets nervous, Shalakha enters the room and gets shocked seeing Brinda and Dev in this position. Then, the two ladies get into a war of words over Dev. Brinda gets extremely angry and warns Shalaka to stay away from Dev as she is his real wife. While Shalakha hits back, Brinda throttles her neck and tries to harm her. 

It would be interesting to see what happens next. Will Dev and Brinda reconcile? What is Shalakha's actual plan? Why has she entered #BrinDev's life? Will Brinda be able to get Dev back? Is Shalakha only Nayantara? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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