Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Shalakha alleges that Brinda tried to KILL Baa; Dev and Parikh family believe her

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 4, Shalakha will play her evil cards against Brinda to provoke Dev and Parikh family. Here's what will happen.
Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Shalakha alleges that Brinda tried to KILL Baa; Dev and Parikh family believe her
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With Rashami Desai aka Shalakha's entry in Naagin 4 starring Nia Sharma, Vijay Kumeria and Anita Hassanandani, the entire story-line has taken a huge twist. Unlike the past, Brinda and Shalakha are seen the fight with each other over Dev, as both are his wives now. Though Dev has turned sour against Brinda, he still has feelings for her. Now, in the upcoming track, Shalakha aka Nayantara will play her first evil card against Brinda. She will put dirty allegations against Brinda to prove her the bad soul in front of Dev and the Parikh family.

 It will so happen that Shalakha will try to kill Baa, however, Brinda will come to Baa's rescue and save her life. This is when Shalakha will turn the tables. She will begin her evil plan and try to turn everyone against Brinda. Shalakha will allege that Brinda tried to Kill Baa with a deadly weapon, and she happened to witness to the drama. She clarifies that upon seeing Brinda's nasty side, she ran towards Baa and saved her from Brinda's trap. Shalakha's revelations will leave Dev and the entire Parikh family in shock. Brinda will also not be able to fathom how Shalakha turned things upside down and proved her guilty. Dev and the Parikh family members will turn against Brinda and trust Shalakha's words. 

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It would be interesting to see how far the war between Shalakha and Brinda goes. Will Brinda be able to prove her innocence? Will Dev also not have faith in Brinda? How will Brinda take revenge from Shalakha now? Will Baa reveal the truth? What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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