Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Shalakha reveals truth about Manyata's death to Brinda and blames Vishakha for it

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 4, Shalakha aka Nayantara will reveal some shocking truths about Naagrani Manyata's death. Here's what will happen.
Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Shalakha reveals truth about Manyata's death to Brinda and blames Vishakha for it Naagin 4 SPOILER ALERT: Shalakha reveals truth about Manyata's death to Brinda and blames Vishakha for it
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Rashami Desai aka Shalakha's entry in Naagin 4 has brought about a new boost to the show. The storyline has taken an interesting turn with Brinda (played by Nia Sharma) and Dev's (played by Vijayendra Kumeria) life-changing completely. If you've been following the supernatural drama, you might be aware that now Shalakha is Dev's wife, and Brinda is angst to know about it. A cold war has emerged between the two over Dev, as they both are trying to prove their right on Dev. 

In the latest episode, we saw how Brinda tried to come close to her husband Dev and spoil Shalakha's planning. While Brinda warns Shalakha (played by Rashami Desai) to stay away from Dev, the latter claims that he is her husband. While we know that Shalakha is no one else, but Nayantara, Brinda is not aware of her reality. However, in the upcoming episodes, Shalakha will make some shocking revelations about Manyata's death. As Brinda will be seeking revenge for her mother Naagrani Manyata's death from the Parikh family, Shalakha will reveal that is not the Parikh's that have killed Manyata. She will, later on, blame Vishakha aka (Anita Hassanandani) for Manyata's murder. Not only this, but Shalakha will also instigate Brinda against Vishakha and ask her to open her eyes to the truth. 

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To note, Rashami Desai is one of the new entries in Naagin 4 and has left the fans in awe of her performance in the show so far. The show recently witnessed a change in storyline after Jasmin Bhasin, who was among the lead stars of the show, recently wrapped her role in the supernatural drama. 

It would be interesting to see if Brinda will believe Shalakha? Will Vish's truth be out in the open? Will Brinda turn against Vishakha? Will Brinda get to know that Shalakha is actually Nayantara? How will the drama unfold? What are your thoughts about the same? Are you enjoying the current track? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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I was upset for the whole day knowing naagin 4 is gonna end. I really loved the cutrent storyline, which was so so awesome right now . Please make the story end by giving more beautiful moments between dev and brinda, brinda punishes badly vishaka, nayanatara to be guilty,rest is all as you wish.but I really wish to continue this whole set of naagin 4. You know, I someday in lockdown watched the episodes again and wondered when they are gonna put the show on air again. Alas, really upsetting. At least get us the news on the date you guys telecast the new episode. Thank you.

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