Naagin 5 spin off Kuch Toh Hai: Harsh Rajput’s vampire avatar in latest PROMO has got fans excited

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Naagin 5 spin off Kuch Toh Hai: Harsh Rajput’s vampire avatar in latest PROMO has got fans excited

Colors channel has already dropped the teaser of the highly anticipated show, Kuch Toh Hai, which is a spin-off to Naagin 5. The upcoming supernatural drama will be lead by Krishna Mukherjee and Harsh Rajput. The teaser has garnered a good response from the audience and it will be aired from 7th February. The show will replace supernatural drama Naagin 5 which stars Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna. The supernatural show Naagin 5 has a huge fan following and now, with the spin-off, makers hope to create the same effect.

Today, the channel has dropped another promo for the upcoming show. The small video shows Harsh Rajput as Rehan and he is a vampire. He is seen standing on the terrace and eagles are flying over his head. As the video shows his close up, his vampire teeth are visible. The background sound plays ‘Kuch Toh Hai…Naagin ek naye rang mein.” The plot will focus on the doomed love story of Priya and Rehan, to be played by Krishna and Harsh.

The Naagin 5 makers have started prepping for the last episode. Sharad had shared the behind the scene video from the last day on the sets on his Instagram handle and thanked fans for the love and support.

Watch the promo here:

Earlier, the teaser of Kuch Toh Hai was released. The video shows Bani (Surbhi Chandna) and Veer (Sharad Malhotra) consummating their marriage. But the union of a naagin and eagle is against the nature of law. They went against the law and their offspring born will create havoc. The earlier promo had shown Harsh Rajput’s character as a vampire.  The teaser has already gone viral on the internet. Fans are showering loads of love on the new onscreen couple.

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Anonymous : What we thought about the latest vampire show that there will be various vampires but we are getting a Naagin+ cheel girl with a vampire .... Just give us vampire or only give us Naagin you are doing it over .... And you can get better main leads..... Thank-you
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