Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh's Love Story: The actor & singer will make you believe in love at first sight

Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh's Love Story: Here's how the Ishqbaaaz star fell in love with Jankee. Their journey to togetherness is nothing less than a fairytale.
Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh's Love Story: The actor & singer will make you believe in love at first sightNakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh's Love Story: The actor & singer will make you believe in love at first sight
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How many times have you heard the phrase 'Love at first sight?' Well, many times we can guess. Some people believe in the concept, some really don't. However, there's one couple in the Telly world who will make you believe this concept, and how. We're talking about none other than the Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh. The two found love at a young age, and are still head-over-heels with each other. We're all heard or rather experience college romance, but only a few turn out to be life-partners, and that's exactly why Nakuul and Jankee's love is all about. 

Nakuul's love story is special because it started at a tender age, and the two held each other strong at all times. Jankee is Nakuul's first love, the first girl he ever dated, and today they are an adorable couple. It only makes us ask, 'Lucky are those who get to live with their first love, isn't it?' Today, the duo is inspiring many others with their awe-inspiring love story and romance. From being college sweethearts to the promising life-long commitment and supporting each other in all ups and downs, here's how the actor and singer wrote their journey of love together.

Timeline of Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh's love story: 

1. The college romance 

Nakuul's love was innocent and pure. Why do we say that? Well, he fell in love with Jankee the very moment he saw her at a dance class. Yes, just as we mentioned it was 'Peheli Nazar Ka Pyaar,' for Nakuul. With just a glimpse of the beautiful lady, Nakuul's heart started beating faster, and he had butterflies in his tummy. Nakuul knew it was something he had never felt for any girl before, and this is how he fell deeply and madly in love with Jankee at first sight.  

Sharing about how he found 'the one' at the age of 18 during his college days, Nakuul said, 'It was love at backside for me. I recall seeing a hint of this girl dancing at a class I had signed up for. I knew that I wanted to know her, maybe have a conversation, go on a date, and get married. All of these were thoughts, which came almost simultaneously without having even seen the girl. It is quite bizarre when you are as young as we were, straight out of school.'

We became friends, and it took me a whole year to get down to putting that proposal down on the cheesiest card I could get in the local market, with some obscure poetry I had written.' 

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2. Being Friendzoned 

Making the first move is always difficult, and so was it for our beloved Nakuul. While Nakuul was swooned by Jankee's mesmerizing looks and beauty, he had a hard time to initiate a conversation with her. Much like we see in Bollywood movies, Nakuul planned and strategized to strike a chat with Jankee. And when he first spoke it her, it ended being a little weird and awkward. Nakuul revealed, 'Finally, I gathered the courage and asked her, ‘Do you have a name?’ Her look said, ‘What do you mean, do you have a name?’ But she just said, ‘Jankee’.  It took him more two months to get Jankee's number. 

After speaking to her for 6 months, the actor finally decided to go all out, and ask her out. But, much to his shock and surprise, he landed straight into the friend-zone. Yes, just like many others Nakuul also was friend-zoned by Jankee initially. "I went to her house with a bouquet and a card. But all she said was, ‘I’ll call you.’ Then she called and said, ‘I don’t see you like that.’ It was a no go, but I continued to be her friend despite how hard it was.”

3. When feelings started showing up 

Love takes time. It's said you start understanding the value of someone, when he or she is far from you, and that's what exactly happened in Nakuul and Jankee's story. The pretty singer reaslied that she has developed feelings for Nakuul when he was away from her in the U.S. So, when he returned to the bay, Jankee couldn't stop herself from expressing how much she likes and adores Nakuul. Recalling the precious moment when Jankee expressed her liking for him, Nakuul shared, "6 months later, when I went to the US, she realized that she missed me. When I came back, I knew that it was moving somewhere, but she wasn’t forthcoming. In a week she called me and said ‘I like you too.’ 

However, here Nakuul decided to play around and kinda test her, He replied, ‘What makes you think I like you still?’ He added that she went through the same feeling that time, what he had gone through for 6 months. 

4. Proposal but the other way round! 

The much-awaited proposal in Nakuul and Jankee's love story happened after a long wait. However, unlike many other stories, their's was a special one because it wasn't the man taking the step ahead, but the woman. Yes, the proposal happened the other way round, as Jankee proposed to Nakuul. Jankee said the three beautiful words 'I love you,' but before Nakuul accepted it, he made her wait for 10-long seconds. Nakuul shared, 'A reverse proposal happened! I made her wait for 10 seconds before saying, ‘Yes’!' 

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5. Involving family and the big romantic marriage proposal 

Nakuul and Jankee had a steady 9-year long relationship before they decided to take their relationship a top-notch higher and involve their parents. Though Nakuul would have married Jankee when he as 18-years old, but the decision was tough. Jankee hailed from a traditional Gujarati family, and they were hesitant as Nakuul wasn’t Gujarati or a businessman. Moreover, his acting career made Jankee's family reluctant, but she was unrelenting!

Later, Nakuul finally spoke to her parents until they were convinced. And then, he decided to go down on one knee to propose Jankee for marriage. He shared, 'At 2 am, I proposed to her on Marine Drive with a 5-page poem I’d written. Thankfully she said ‘yes’ before the cops came after us!'

6. Their special D - Day 

After dating each other for 9 years, Nakuul and Jankee finally decided to tie the knot and be 'one' forever. The two decided to marry just before Nakuul started shooting for his first TV show. They exchanged wedding vows in a traditional grand ceremony on January 28, 2012. However, the actor did not declare the news of his wedding back then, but he also never denied being in a relationship. 

When quipped why he kept his marriage under wraps, Nakuul stated, 'I  did not want the focus to be shifted from my career by announcing my marriage. People never ask me whether I am married, as I look very young. They used to ask me if I was in a relationship and I would say 'Yes'. People just assumed that I was single. It didn't occur to anybody that I was married.'

7. Support System 

A good partner is who support stands by you during the good as well as the bad times. Someone who trusts you and has backs you when you need him or her the most and Jankee is the perfect example of that. The handsome actor once revealed how Jankee stood like a rock beside him, even when he was trying to figure out things on his professional front. He shared, 'When we got married, I didn’t even have a job, but she had blind faith in me. She helped me become the best version of myself.' 

8. Striking a balance between work and personal life 

Often couples complain of spending less time together due to their hectic work schedules. No time or less time leads to many problems and misunderstandings between a couple. However, it's not the same with Nakuul and Jankee. The two believe in keeping their careers first and encourage each other to do better on the professional front. The toughest task in a relationship is to balance work and personal life, but these sweethearts have aced the game. Nakuul said, 'We know each other from the time we started our careers where we encouraged each other. She motivated me to act and take up television, while I pushed her to do live shows, have her digital presence and make her own YouTube content.' 

9. Happily ever after: 

The duo has known each other for almost two decades, but the love between them is still so fresh. The blue-eyed handsome man who has so many girls behind him is completely dedicated to 'her woman.' He's a totally 'one-woman man,' and leaves no stone unturned to make her feel special. They never fail to set the bar of marriage goals with their cute and mushy romance. 

This shows the kind of friendly bonding the duo shares, instead of that typical husband and wife relationship.Their social media profiles aptly describe their relationship which is filled with love, travel, laughter, and PDAs. Their love, admiration, and compassion for each other have won millions of hearts. More than husband-wife, their's is a bond of friendship, trust, and companionship. While Nakuul focuses on his acting career and Jhankee continues to make music, and the two are successfully making their happily ever after. 

Nakuul and Jankee are the perfect quintessential couple, who are just a match made in heaven. What are your thoughts on the same?

What do you think about their fairytale romance? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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