Navjot Singh Sidhu asks, 'Were you uprooting terrorists or trees?' post airstrikes amid reports of TKSS return

Navjot Singh Sidhu sparks another controversy by questioning the Government over the Balakot air strikes. Read on.
Navjot Singh Sidhu asks, 'Were you uprooting terrorists or trees?' post airstrikes amid reports of TKSS returnNavjot Singh Sidhu asks, 'Were you uprooting terrorists or trees?' post airstrikes amid reports of TKSS return
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Punjab Cabinet Minister and a veteran on television, Navjot Singh Sidhu has become controversy's favourite child, and it doesn't look like he is going to stop anytime soon. Singh in a tweet today questioned the government regarding the air strikes on Balakot terror camps which were conducted recently in the wake of the Pulwama attack in which more than 40 of our Central Reserve Police Force jawans were killed. 
In a Twitter post, Sidhu wrote, "300 terrorist dead, Yes or No? What was the purpose then? Were you uprooting terrorist or trees? Was it an election gimmick? Deceit possesses our land in guise of fighting a foreign enemy. Stop politicising the army, it is as sacred as the state. ऊंची दुकान फीका पकवान|". His political comment came a day after reports suggested that Salman Khan was keen on having Sidhu back in The Kapil Sharma Show, which he is producing. 
Sidhu was sacked from TKSS following his comment on Pulwama attack wherein he said that for a "handful of people" why blame the entire nation. Well, Twitter again is reacting sharply to Sidhu's comment and only time will tell what follows next. 

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he is saying the right thing. why don't people just accept that everything modi did was wrong. i love how the false flag back fired on him! stop politicizing the army!!stop killing people just to win the elctions :( PV plz post!!

It’s a fact that only trees were uprooted

You are an enemy of the country...You are a power hungry bigot. I hope you never return to the show and if you do, for the love of India, I will never watch again..

Hey Sidhu. Do some meditation.

He's not wrong

ok for argument sake only trees were uprooted, so what , their commitment and determination shoulddn't be questioned. they tried their best, if they are not successful there is nothing to be ashamed of. problem would be if they didn't try. India like always doesn't want to go for war thats the reason there are no civilian or military casualities because of the attack

Press on Sidhu!! The world needs more people like you who don't just blindly follow the masses in the name of "patriotism".

Pv why are you manipulating opinion on your articles by messing with the like and dislike buttons? Either activate them fully and see what the actual opinion is or deactivate both totally. But for God's sake stop the manipulation!

I like him. He’s been treated so badly yet still stands his ground. Respect to you sir are

Sidhu does not realize that by point a finger at Modi for the surgical strike he is also pointing a finger at our forces. That is why people are trolling him. Modi is not killing people, the terrorists are. India is probably the only nation that did not react when its parliament was attacked and that is because congress is submissive. Pak is hating on Modi because he acts and gives it back. Sidhu simply wants to Win elections and become rich. Let’s send to the LoC I say! Let’s see what’s his reaction will be then

Modi army is vintage!

India has developed immensely since Modiji became the PM.Now people all around the world are noticing and respecting India for it's development and people like Navjot are just blaming our PM and politicising the deaths of our jawans for his own benefits.PV post!

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