Nia Sharma asks celebs to stop being preachy and try to gain followers in the COVID situation

Nia Sharma talks about people using the new developments as a way to get attention and followers. She asked celebs to slow down and not mislead people about vaccines.
Nia Sharma Nia Sharma asks celebs to stop being preachy and try to gain followers in the COVID situation
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Nia Sharma is very irritated at present due to the actions of certain celebs who talk about vaccination without obtaining full information about it. The actress took to Twitter to request the celebs to not force people to go for vaccination as it is not available in most centers and that their tweet is doing nothing but creating chaos. She further added that everything is a mess at present and people are trying to do their bit. She added that she has stopped using Instagram as the situation is very overwhelming.

She added that when globally acclaimed celebs like Priyanka Chopra ask people to get vaccinated then it makes sense, but numerous other people have not done anything but preach a lot. The actress said that these woke celebs who do not have a full grasp on the situation should refrain from giving advice. She said that having a lot of followers does not mean you are a star. One should be able to connect with the audience and not make educative videos unnecessarily. 

She added that some people are in a race to be the first to talk about any new development in the situation. They are doing all this only for getting followers on social media. She added that these people are unaware of the ground reality and are insensitive. People are making videos to appear woke and these celebs are telling people to get vaccinated. She said that they should slow down and should not mislead people. 

She said that she is very worried about the present situation and feels terrible seeing the condition of the people.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

she's also preaching to celebs lol but seriously, she is right. this celebrity culture has become such a haphazard thing. everyone trying to get followers and sponsors.