Nia Sharma beats Deepika Padukone; Drashti Dhami beats Katrina Kaif on the Sexiest Asian Women list

Nia Sharma beats Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to take the second spot on the sexiest Asian woman list.
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After taking the third spot as the sexiest Asian woman in 2016, Nia Sharma has jumped to the second spot. After Priyanka Chopra, it is Nia who has been ranked as the sexiest Asian woman. 
She has beaten almost all leading ladies of Bollywood from Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif to Shraddha Kapoor
Nia took to Twitter to express her happiness regarding the same and said that PeeCee will always be No 1. "No.1 spot shall always belong to @priyankachopra .. for she leads .. she defines power and she’s PC irreplaceable.. insurmountable... badass.." she wrote. 
“But seeing my name next to her (Priyanka) in the list is no less a dream and struck me with a frenzied happiness... I owe my fans this joy and want to share it with them despite not being able to digest the development,” Sharma told a news agency.
Apart from her, it is Drashti Dhami who has taken the sixth spot beating Katrina Kaif. Apart from them, it is Gauahar Khan, Rubina Dilaik who has taken the ninth and 10th spot. 
Making an appearance on the list is Shivangi Joshi who has risen to fame with her stint in TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. 
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Indecisive ..messed up...zoned out..nervously confident!

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Pretty in pink !!! Thank u so much @nishkalulla loveeeee the dress !

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About last night.. #starscreenawards2017 Styled by:- @nehaadhvikmahajan Outfit by:- @kalkifashion Jewellery by:- @adan_creation_

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This is a joke!

Shivangi Joshi.... are you guys kidding me.. no wayyyyyy

Lol. Shows where wannabe really belongs.

No way are these two sexier than deepika and katrina. You have to give it to kat and dp.....they ooze sexiness. Both have the oomph factor.

Asia sexiest ? Just say India’s only. There are far sexier and better girls in Pakistan and afghanistan even in Sri Lanka. Can easily bet this nia etc. When it comes to Priyanka and Katrina they can rated as sexist in the world.

Butt hurt Pakistanis crying again

laugh people laugh....good joke..tell one more ...LOL

what kind of list is this
nia is sexy Omg stop it guys . and priyanka top 1 hahahah

Sure she would because of all the self obsessed skin show pictures she keeps posting I mean second spot so ovbio

these tv personalities have won because their crazy fans have voted /tweeted (spammed) until they won. No wonder it has more of Tv actors

Most of the people who finds deepika sexy are women. Most of her fans are also women. She is not that popular or desired among men. Men have very different take on what they find attractive than women. It's like how women find certain men attractive but if if you ask a guy he be like wtf!

As a guy, I totally get this list. Girls here clearly don't understand how male psyche works that's why y'all are confused. I'd say DP is actually ranked a lot higher. She belongs in the top 15 maybe.

Do they have any pic taken without camera filters? What race are they? Orangish yellowish redish?

Seriously, what the f?

Do they have any pics without filters?

Who are these girls? I only know dp, kat and pc out of this article

HAHAHAH lol and also lol at there are way sexier girls in pakistan, afghanistan, sri lanka LOLOLOLOL

god who is this Nia Sharma...self created celebrity

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