Nia Sharma OPENS UP about Naagin 4's closure: I was treated well; My exit from the show will hurt me the most

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Nia Sharma OPENS UP about Naagin 4's closure: I was treated well; My exit from the show will hurt me the most

After several speculations on Naagin 4 going off-air and Naagin 5 being introduced, Ekta Kapoor broke her silence and issued a clarification statement yesterday. She confirmed the news of Naagin 4's closure amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, however, assure that she will give it a fantastic end before the final goodbye. She also revealed that immediately after Naagin 4's final episode, Naagin 5 will be aired with a new story and new characters. This news left many shocked, and some were even disappointed. 

Nia Sharma was the face of the fourth installment and played the role of Brinda. The actress recently opened up about her show going off-air, her role being axed, the current situation, and more in a conversation with the Times of India. Ask her if she's upset and disheartened with the show's abrupt end, Nia clarifies that it was not an abrupt ending. She said that the production house was professional and the actors had been informed about the developments and decisions some days ago. 

The actress further said that she cannot complain as the TV industry is drastically affected by the lockdown, also there are no clarifications on when the shootings will resume. So, when a show needs to be re-started after a gap of two months or more, one would want to begin on a fresh note. Nia claimed, 'In such a situation, I, too, would have taken a similar decision.' 

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The diva went on to say that just because she was the face of Naagin 4, there was a constant buzz around the show. Otherwise, there have been many other shows that were shut suddenly or are in the process of going through a revamp. She thinks that in the coming months many more shows will eventually go off, leaving several actors unemployed. She added that changes in the budget, artistes fees, and channels slot timing may also be affected. Nia shared, 'I was at the top of my game in 'Naagin 4' and shot for three-and-a-half months. Now I won't be part of it. I also understand that when the situation gets better, I will have to go out and look for work.' 

When quipped if their roles were slashed due to budget constraints, Nia said that her work does come at a certain price, however, it is not the reason for her exit from the show. If that had been the case, the makers and production house would not have had her on board in the very first place for the show. She shared, 'I accept that I was treated well and my exit from the show will hurt me the most. It will cost me a lot of money.' 

The diva also believes that the money that did not come to her, was never hers. But, monetary issues were not the reason for her ouster from Naagin 4. She again added that if she was expensive, she would not be been cast in the first place. Nia clarified that the lockdown is the reason why the decision was taken by the makers. She also feels that considering the current scenario, she also feels that she may have to compromise and accept pay cuts in the future.

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