Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma take you back to their Bigg Boss 13 camaraderie with latest song 'Ring'

Bigg Boss 13 duo Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are back to spread their magic with their latest music video ring. The song leave you raving about PaHira's chemistry.
Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma take you back to their Bigg Boss 13 camaraderie with latest song 'Ring'
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Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are back to woo their fans with another single. Their much-awaited music video 'Ring' has finally dropped in today (August 10, 2020), early morning, giving it a happy start to their fans. With Ring, Paras and Mahira take you back to their Bigg Boss 13 camaraderie. From their fights to their reconciliation to their mastic, Ring will make you relive PaHira's BB 13 bond. The very first scene, where the duo gets into loggerheads and then Paras making up for it, will make you nostalgic about how Paras and Mahira got into spats in the BB 13 house.

From Paras being all 'meri marzi' to Mahira using 'masla,' you Ring brings a flash of their amazing journey together in the controversial reality show. Throughout the song, the duo is seen enjoying each other's company and having a gala time together. From playing games to sharing ice-cream to teasing the other, Ring celebrates Paras and Mahira's unique relationship. The music (by Aakash and Meme Machine) of this Punjabi track is soothing, while the rap by Loka adds spunk to it. Their costumes and locations are decent. 

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Raman Goyal's calming voice and Ammy Manak lyrics have a pleasing effect. However, if you're a true PaHira shipper, there are chances that you will be a little disappointed with the song. Ring does not do complete justice to Paras and Mahira's sweet-sour bond. Undoubtedly, it has moments when you're left raving about PaHira's chemistry, but you're going to be left dissatisfied in some bits. For instance, the end, when Paras goes down on his knees to propose Mahira, fades away within a splash. 

While that was the most-anticipated moment for all PaHira lovers, the 'x-factor' there was missing. While Ring does take you down the memory lane of PaHira's BB 13 moments, somewhere it does not match up to the expectations. However, nonetheless, watching the cute duo in a single frame is a treat for their fans, and Ring lets you see Paras and Mahira together for over 3 minutes. 

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Ring is Paras and Mahira's third song together, after Baarish and Hashtag Love Soniyea. What are your thoughts about the song? Di you like it or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

Take a look at Ring here: 

Anonymous 8 months ago

I loved it so much.....lots of love Pahiraa..