Past Blast: All the instances that led to fallout between top comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover

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Past Blast: All the instances that led to fallout between top comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover

The actors and comedians, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover have been in the industry for a long time. They became immensely famous with their show Comedy Nights with Kapil. It was an entertainment show which interviewd numerous celebrities from the film and other industries. There was a team of comedians with Kapil Sharma and they performed skits to entertain the guests and the audiences. Sunil Grover played the role of Gutthi which became famous and made the show even more popular among the masses. His acting and comic timing as Gutthi was flawless, which kept the audience hooked to their TV sets.


Seeing the popularity of the show, reportedly Sunil Grover had asked for a hike in his income to the producers of the show and Kapil Sharma. But reportedly it was rejected by them, which created a tiff between the actors. Sunil Grover had left the show shortly in 2014 and started his own show. The name of the show was called Mad In India. With the exit of the popular comedian from the show, the TRPs went down for some time. But none of the actors spoke about it.


Later Kapil Sharma talked about Sunil leaving the show, to The Times of India stating, “All I can say is, he (Sunil) should have never left our show, we were all part of the success of our show. Sunil has been around trying to find his bearings in the entertainment industry. He's my senior. I've the highest regard for his talents. And I am not the kind to feel threatened or competitive about anyone. In fact, I go out of my way to ensure every member of my team has a chance to take the stage, so I can relax. Sunil must have been provoked into leaving by people around him.”


But Sunil’s show could not get enough viewership, owing to which Sunil Grover returned to work with Kapil Sharma. Then, he played the role of the father-in-law of Kapil Sharma. The character was loved by the audience.


Later some issues reportedly cropped up between the actors on the show when Sunil’s film was not promoted by Kapil on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil Grovel released a statement to end the rumors. He said, "Yes, the promotion of Coffee With D on The Kapil Sharma Show is not happening. However, Kapil did not refuse it. Anything of that sort did not happen. Kapil did not say a No."


But the bond between the actors was adversely broken when there was a massive fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover on a flight. As per Mid-day news, Kapil Sharma was hurling abuses at his team members in an intoxicated condition. To this Sunil Grover intervened to control the situation, thereby making Kapil angrier who then started abusing Sunil Grover. He even chased him to the economy and hit him, as per reports. At first, Kapil Sharma denied the whole incident, but later on, he owned up to the situation and apologized to Sunil Grover on his Twitter account. 


Then, Sunil Grover also took to his social media and wrote a heartfelt note. The actor told that he was deeply hurt and advised him to treat other actors with respect. He wrote, "Bha ji!! Yes, you hurt me deeply. Working with you has been a learning experience. Just one advice, start respecting human beings also apart from animals. All are not as successful as you are. All are not as talented as you are. But if they all are talented like you, who will value you. So have some gratitude towards their existence. And also, if somebody is correcting you, don't abuse that person. Refrain from using foul language in front of women who have nothing to do with the stardom you carry, they are by chance just travelling with you. Thanks for making me realise it was your show and you have power to throw out anybody, anytime. You are the wittiest, and the best in your field. But don't act like a 'God'. Take good care of yourself. Wish you lot more success and fame."


Sunil Grover has not returned to The Kapil Sharma Show and has even quashed all rumours related to it. He was last seen in the web series Tandav, where his acting was immensely appreciated.

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