Past Blast: Did you know BFFs Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma once did not see eye to eye? Here’s what happened

The Jamai Raja stars Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma had a major fallout during the show. Here we are tracing their journey from being enemies to now BFFs.
Ravi and Nia Sharma Past Blast: Did you know BFFs Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma once did not see eye to eye? Here’s what happened
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The show Jamai Raja was one of the top-grossing shows when it was released, owing to its unique concept. The cast of the show was highly talented and the on-screen chemistry between the actors Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma was unbelievable. The show ran its course for three years and made its space in the hearts of the audience. While the onscreen chemistry of the couple was breathtaking, in reality, they could not even bear to see each other off-shoot. The couple had a mutual hatred for one another which increased so much over time that it impacted the shooting also. Here we are tracing the fallout and friendship of Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma.

As per reports, their relations were cordial initially on the sets of the show. Khatron Ke Khiladi season 8 fame Nia Sharma said in an interview with Hindustan Times, “I was 23 back then. I had not come across someone who was just so into their scenes and would rehearse so much. Ravi and I had very different ways of working, maybe that was something that hit me, due to which we kind of did not talk.”

“Things escalated because we stopped talking. Everything we would do would irritate each other. It went to a point that we were ready to kill each other, it was that bad a situation on the set. I would hate to go on the set because I had to see his face and I am sure he felt the same way.”

She also talked about an incident when the show maker had to intervene as they said, “‘Guys, the show is doing amazingly well but whatever you guys are up to, it is showing on screen, so please get over that and be professional enough.”

Talking to Zoom Digital, Ravi Dubey also stated his view on their rift, “At that time, we were in a different phase of life. When you reach your workplace, you can have very different ways of working. Nia is really spontaneous girl and I am highly preparation-oriented. My belief system is that when the 5 per cent of the scene reveals itself to you, you got to revisit it thirty to forty and fifty times and that can get extremely frustrating. I am giving her the benefit of doubt as it can get frustrating for anybody who is working alongside you. There was a gap in the way we were approaching. Both of us were creating an equal amount of value, bringing an equal amount of value to the table. But itna polar difference dono ke approach mein tha ke vo kahi na kahi hogaya personal equation pe.”

Reportedly when things spiralled out of hand, Ravi’s wife Sargun Mehta had intervened and brought them at talking terms. Talking about the same, Ravi shared in Zoom Digital interview, “But jaise jaise waqt beeta, we both, myself and Nia, developed a lot of mutual respect for each other and it was contributing. There is no bigger testimony of being professional than you are not looking eye-to-eye but you are winning all possible jury awards. We couldn't tolerate each other on the sets, aisa tha. But that doesn't mean we did not have regard and respect for each other and that increased over time.”

Nia Sharma also shared in an interview with HT, “I think we have gone to and fro on many things. Our animosity dissolved, we became better and better friends, and now we are the thickest. Now, it is like a family thing.”

The actors have recently come together for the reboot of their popular show, named Jamai 2.0 on the OTT platform. The acting and the chemistry of the couple was once again immensely appreciated by the audience. They share a good friendship now with mutual respect for one another and it is a treat to watch them together both off and on the screen.

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