Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur and mom do the coolest workout routine; Watch VIDEO

Ashnoor Kaur has curated a workout regime and if you think they can't be fun, the Patiala Babes actress might prove you wrong. Watch the video here.
Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur and mom do the coolest workout routine; Watch VIDEO
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Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur has been working on her Youtube channel and as it turns out, fans have been enjoying getting more of their favourite, if not on the television screen, at least on their laptop and phone screens. Ashnoor has been rather active on social media and that has, in fact, kept her fans entertained and engaged as that makes them feel closer to her. None the less, the actress has now kickstarted her youtube channel and it seems to be coming off well.

Today, we came across this fun video of Ashnoor where she has shared a super cool workout regime and it seems to have been designed to ensure that we enjoy ourselves while doing it. Since the lockdown has left most of us stuck at home and the gyms are closed, the idea behind Ashnoor's video is to show people how one can simply work things out if they really want to do something. And it looks like Ashnoor wants to work on her fitness.

The description of the video she shared was rather motivational as she wrote, "If there's a will, there's a way they say. So if there's no gym, there's always another way to stay fit. This Monday, come take a glimpse into my quarantine life which is filled with all sorts of motivation to stay healthy and fit. Be sure, this is gonna be your friend for a couple of weeks till we are exposed to normalcy." The video sure looks super fun!

Check out Ashnoor Kaur's workout video here:

Meanwhile, Ashnoor had also spoken about her plans to focus on her fitness in a chat earlier and revealed how she wishes to work on her fitness while in the lockdown. Among other things, she also revealed how she wants to also focus on her studies since she will be giving her 12th board exams this year. And it looks like she has finally found her way out, one which all of us can take loads of inspiration from as well.

So, happy working out everyone!

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