Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur looks pretty in pink as she celebrates the essence of feeling beautiful

Patiala Babes actress Ashnoor Kaur shared a new photo on her social media and this one is all things positivity. Check out the post here.
Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur looks pretty in pink as she celebrates the essence of feeling beautiful
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Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur has been doing a great job at keeping her fans motivated on social media. with some of her finest words and of course, some adorable and ever o fashionable photos along with them. The actress enjoys quite the amount of popularity on social media and her posts never seem to disappoint us given the positivity that she believes in spreading via her posts and every single time, she manages to wow us with her thought process.

Today, Ashnoor shared a beautiful photo of her to promote the feeling of beauty and how one can always feel it because they are all beautiful after all. The actress wrote, 'P.S. I hope you feel beautiful today, as you are.' In the photo, Ashnoor is seen wearing a stunning pink dress and she paired black heels with it while her hair was left open with a little flower pinned on to her hair. Her smile on the photo is just about enough to make the click look prettier than it already is.

Check out Ashnoor Kaur's photo here:



P.S. I hope you feel beautiful today, as you are

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Meanwhile, this lockdown has definitely been rather interesting for the actress since she also celebrated her 16th birthday during this time. While she did express how she was rather excited about it and had her plans in place for a while, however, she managed to have an equally exciting quarantined birthday even though it turned out to be different from the way she wanted it to be given how 16th birthdays are also considered special.

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As of her time in quarantine, the actress told us during an interview earlier how she has been trying to keep up with the household chores and also, she has taken this time out to focus working on her fitness. She also revealed that because she will be having her boards this year, she wishes to focus on her studies and so, that is what she has been doing and trying to prep up.

On the work front, she wishes to explore Bollywood for she thinks that will help her learn the art better and she also doesn't mind working on short term projects. However, she did add how she is not looking for something prolonged and is open to working in the web space if she likes something.