Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur points out the humourous effect of the Coronavirus lockdown on work and sleep

Patiala Babes actress Ashnoor Kaur shared a new click on her social media but this one seems to have a deeper meaning to it. Check it out right here.
Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur points out the humourous effect of the Coronavirus lockdown on work and sleep
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The ongoing Coronavirus lockdown has definitely brought about a rather different and odd schedule in our lives, one where we are all randomly sleeping and working, trying to make the most of this time while ensuring that we are at home and staying safe and also following the rules of social distancing while stepping outside. The lockdown has now been extended until the end of this month due to the increasing COVID 19 cases and there seems to be very little one can do about it.

None the less, if there is something good that has come out of this, it is the fact that we can all stay at home and spend this time with family, or for many of us, giving a break to ourselves that we have all been looking for. However, not everyone has been enjoying this free time as it can get monotonous after a point of time given how there is so little to do and one has to stay at home all the time given the ongoing scneario.

And well, it looks like Patiala Babes star Ashnoor Kaur has a little something to say about how people are always looking for the opposite of what we have and while we are running behind things, we don't appreciate the ones we already have. Sharing a photo of herself, Ashnoor wrote, '#Throwback to the times when we were so tired of WORK that all we wanted to do is SLEEP.... And now we are so tired of SLEEPING, all we wanna do is WORK!!! . Life is funny, and so are our choices; Always running behind the things we don’t have, never appreciating what we do! #RandomThoughts #tbt #TravelDiaries #GoodOldTimes #StayHome #StaySafe.'

Check out Ashnoor Kaur's photo here:

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As far as the work front is concerned, her show Patiala Babes has been axed due to the ongoing crisis along with other shows on the channel including the popular, Beyhadh 2. However, even though Ashnoor told us how it is rather heartbreaking and that she took her own time to accept the fact that the decision has been taken, there is very little that can be done given the current situation. She also revealed how the team had shot for beyond the regular hours to ensure that they have enough bank and how there were exciting scenes ahead. 

None the less, she told us that she has been focusing on her fitness and academics this lockdown and how she does not wish to take up any long term projects right now. Ashnoor also spoke about her desire to explore more of Bollywood after having done Manmarziyaan and she is looking at playing a lead role in a film that allows her to learn and grow as an actor.

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why this everyday torture? who is she?