Prince Narula recounts 'terrifying' night when Yuvika Chaudhary required blood platelets: Thank God it's over

Updated on Oct 26, 2020 03:11 AM IST  |  1.5M
Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary on contracting COVID 19 and dengue
Prince Narula recounts 'terrifying' night when Yuvika Chaudhary required blood platelets: Thank God it's over

Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary have gone through some tough times in the past few weeks. The couple was hospitalized after contracting dengue. Later, it was also revealed that PriVika had also tested positive for the novel Coronavirus, leaving their fans worried. However, the situations seem to be fine, as Yuvika and Prince have been discharged from the hospital post-treatment on October 23 (2020). 

Yuvika spoke to the Times of India and recalled how they battled through these tough times. Recounting those days, Yuvika said, 'It doesn't get worse than this. Kisiko bhi aisa kabhi na ho jo hamare saath hua hai, kuch dinno se. (Nobody should ever go through the times, we've passed.) Yuvika remembered a 'terrifying' incident when she needed blood platelets late in the night. She said that he cannot forget the night when the doctor called Prince in the middle of the night and asked him to arrange 3 units (pools) of blood platelets. The model-actor had to run for arrangements asap. He got twenty (20) friends and relatives to test if their blood groups matched with Yuvika's. '5 of them were found to have the same group. One unit transfusion took nearly 5 hours,' shared Yuvika.

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Yuvika's blood group is O+ (O positive), which has the shortest supply, considering the high demand. She expressed that the scenes in the hospital corridors could make anyone's heart sink, and the hospital cannot be blamed for it. 'In today's times of COVID-19, the hospital was full and everyone was very tense. There was a scramble for literally everything.' 

The couple's problems intensified when Prince was detected with dengue. Prince revealed that it all started when his nephew got diagnosed with dengue when he went out of the house and returned with a high fever. Later, Yuvika, his mother, father, sister, and even he was diagnosed with dengue. 'This dengue was a far more terrible time than what Yuvika and I underwent in COVID-19,' shared Prince. 

Yuvika remembered the times when she couldn't retain food and vomited frequently. 'I was vomiting profusely and hapost-COVID-19ch as well. I was running a 104-degrees fever,' she shared. Not only this, but her blood pressure (BP) also dropped very low, and when they tried to make her get up from the bed, she could not walk. 

Sharing their tough situations when they contracted COVID-19, Yuvika said that though they had quarantined themselves very well, and tested negative a few days later, they were struck by dengue. 'I guess, our immunity levels had gone terribly down in our post COVID-19 period.' She further added that they felt very weak and only ate some amount of solid food. 

Yuvika revealed that she's traveling back to Mumbai to stay with her mother for a few days, while Prince will stay back in Chandigarh with his parents. 'Thank God it's over,' concluded Prince. 

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