Producer JD Majethia announces no shooting will be done on the lockdown weekend due to rise in Covid 19 cases

In the meeting between TV associations and Maharashtra Chief Minister, it has been decided to impose lockdown for weekends and no shooting on those days till 30th April. The shows will also have to follow strict guidelines.
Producer JD Majethia announces no shooting will be done on the lockdown weekend due to rise in Covid 19 cases
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The Chairman of Indian Films and Television Producers Council, JD Majethia had a meeting with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray on 4th April. As per the details shared by the producer to Etimes TV, he said that there will be no shooting during the weekend. He also told that they will be closely monitoring the situation and in case of any issue, they will approach the government for assistance. He stated that there will be no shooting for TV shows on Saturday and Sunday owing to the lockdown situation. 

JD also stated that all the production houses have been informed and they have already started working on their scripts accordingly. They will need to manage for the week, and for the next weekend, they will have to wait and watch. He added that they have to look at the bigger picture now as there is not complete lockdown.

He said that it is a collective problem and they need to stand with the government. He said that the government has asked to not shoot for the weekends till 30th April. But the first week is very crucial as they will be able to gauge the results of the lockdown and its benefits. 

He told that the guidelines are very strict this time and social distancing has to be maintained. He added that the guidelines will be strictly followed. There will be no crowd scene, fight sequence, elaborate song sequence, and the actors will have food in their rooms. 

The meeting was conducted between producers, broadcasters, the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees and the Cine and TV Artists’ Association to discuss the rise of Covid 19 cases and the probability of lockdown. But there will not be a complete lockdown.

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