Qurbaan Hua’s Rajveer Singh shares he had 150 comics in childhood & still fears mom’s scolding to read them

Qurbaan Hua actor Rajveer shares his craze for comics in childhood and his present interest in Hindi literature.
Rajeev Singh on comics love Qurbaan Hua’s Rajveer Singh shares he had 150 comics in childhood & still fears mom’s scolding to read them
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Actor Rajeev Singh is presently playing the role of a Neel in the popular TV show Qurbaan Hua. He is very popular for his stylish looks and remarkable acting skills. In the show, he is paired opposite actress Pratibha Ranta. In the upcoming episodes, the audience will get to see a lot more twists and turns. The actor recently shared some of his fond memories of childhood. He talked in an interview about the time when it was risky to read comics in school.

The actor opened up on the importance of comic books and novels in his life. He shared that there was a time he was not into reading books and the subjects he liked were only Hindi and Sanskrit. During that time he was introduced to comics characters like Navraj, Super Commando, and Doga. He said, “When I was in 9th standard, I got so attracted to comics that I used to spend my entire day reading them. My mother would also be impressed with me because she thought I was studying all the time, but little did she know about the comic books as I used to hide them between all my textbooks.”

He further said that his secret was revealed when pre-board results came and he did not do well. He revealed, “That time I had a collection of almost 150 comics that were hidden in my room at different places so that my mother couldn't find them.” Hence, even when his mother found out a few of them, he still had many more hidden all over his room. 

Later, he gave the comics to his cousin brother, but when his grades came low, then his mother removed the comics from their home. But he was able to save a few of them and the actor still has them. 

The handsome actor went on to share that when he joined theatre, he also started reading, which he did not like in childhood. He said that he likes Hindi literature and has a huge collection of Hindi books. He also said, “I really feel people should read more, especially during this lockdown, when we have some time. It will surely broaden your perspective and help you grow.”

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