Rakhi Sawant discloses that her husband Ritesh is ready to marry her again & being offered a big reality show

Rakhi Sawant has come to the spotlight again as she talks about her husband wanting to marry her again and he wants to talk about their marriage in front of the media.
Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant discloses that her husband Ritesh is ready to marry her again & being offered a big reality show
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Rakhi Sawant is a very popular name in the film industry and she recently came to the limelight with her entry in Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger. The actress first time opened up about her marriage and her rumored husband Ritesh, on national television at Bigg Boss' house. The actress became emotional on the show as she talked about her husband who is living abroad. She also talked about his other marriage and a kid he has from another woman. She said on the show that she deserves better and break-off her marriage with him. But now it seems the situation has changed as the actress talked about her marriage to Etimes TV exclusively. 

Rakhi Sawant told that she is in contact with Ritesh and they regularly talk on video calls. She said that he is now ready to talk about his marriage with Rakhi in front of everyone. He has also proposed to marry her again in front of the media. She told that he is having some visa and legal issues, which is causing obstacles for him to come to meet her. 

Rakhi also announced that they have been offered a big reality show together but did not disclose the name. She said that the show makers are in talks with Ritesh for the show. She added that he is a huge businessman and coming to India for doing a show with her, will mean taking a break of three-four months. 

Telling about her present status, she said that she is still his wife, but she is not sure legal or illegal. She added that she is waiting for him to come and talk about their marriage. She had also asked him to come in media earlier but he refused, saying she is very controversial. She also said that he wants to talk about his other marriage as well.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Ritesh doesn’t seem real lol