Ranju Ki Betiyaan completes 100 episodes; Ayub Khan talks about memorable moments from shoot

Ranju Ki Betiyaan recently completed 100 episodes as the cast member Ayub Khan shares his experience of shoot for the show.
Ayub Khan shares happiness for 100 episodes of show Ranju Ki Betiyaan completes 100 episodes; Ayub Khan talks about memorable moments from shoot
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The show Ranju Ki Betiyaan has reached a milestone recently as it completed 100 episodes. The main cast of the show includes Roopal Tyagi, Ayub Khan, Deepshikha Nagpal, and Reena Kapoor. At the special event, the actor Ayub Khan shared his thoughts with ETimes TV about the milestone. He shared that from shooting for the first episode to the launch of the show, it has been an exhilarating experience. He opined that it feels like yesterday when he started the shoot for the show and now it has completed 100 episodes. He added, “The excitement of watching the story unfold has kept us actors and the unit absolutely charged about being part of the show. Thank God for the healthy camaraderie amongst us all, there hasn't been a single unpleasant moment and these four months have been an absolute breeze.”

Talking about the fun times on the show, he shared that the team spends a lot of time together and sometimes gangs up as Lalita family and Ranju family and also keeps pulling each other's leg during the shoot. He enjoyed playing the role of Guddu Mishra but also found the role challenging. He further said that shooting for Ranju Ki Betiyaan has truly enriched the whole team and given some memorable moments. The actor said, “We are all looking forward to achieving another milestone for the show.”

The whole cast of the show celebrated the milestone with a small cake-cutting ceremony. The show also stars Karan Khandelwal, Jeevansh Chadha, and Monika Chauhan in prime roles.

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