Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj all set to the tie knot in January 2019

Updated on Dec 28, 2018 05:20 PM IST  |  1.8M

Sheena Bajaja and Rohit Purohit have been in the news for their rumoured breakup, not once, but twice. However, looks like all that is now a thing of the past as the TV couple is all set to tie the knot on January 22, 2019. The marriage will take place in Rohit's hometown of Jaipur, and the pre-wedding functions will all be held the previous day. According to the reports in Times of India, Rohit told the daily that they will be following both, the Marwari and Punjabi traditions for their wedding as Sheena is a Punjabi and Rohit is a Marwari.

Sheena, while talking to the daily said that marriage for her is a leap of faith and it affects her when she fights with Rohit. She further stated that if there's something she has been sure of it is the fact that she wants to be with Rohit and it was him who made the decision of getting married early. Talking about the soon to happen marriage and the age, Rohit told the daily that age doesn't matter and that in his case, his parents were ready to get him married when he turned 22. He said that the two of them have been together for five years and this is what felt right. 

The two started dating six months after they met, and it was Sheena who proposed to Rohit. Talking about the rumours of their break up in June, Sheena stated that it wasn't a breakup and that they just took some time off. To this, Rohit added that rumours are what come with this profession and that the two of them have always been an understanding couple and hence, never responded to them. 

The last time that they had an alleged breakup cropped from rumours of Sheena getting close to her co-star Avinash Mishra, and talking about the same, Rohit said how Sheena is a friendly person and unlike him, she befriends co-actors early post which came about posts on social media which is what sparked the rumours. He also added that he had asked Sheena to be careful with what she does as it could be taken otherwise. He further added how he was shooting in Umbergaon and the two barely used to talk or meet and that if he was insecure he would have just come back.


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