Roja, 1st October 2021, Written Update: Purushotthaman enters Ashwin's home

Published on Oct 01, 2021 11:04 PM IST  |  60.5K
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Roja, 1st October 2021, Written Update: Purushotthaman enters Ashwin's home

In today's episode, Arjun waits at the hospital reception desk for the man who has been tailing him. Aishwarya, on the other hand, brings him out on a stretcher and instructs him to pretend dead. Arjun walks out and searches for Naveen. Naveen arrives and tells Arjun what happened to him. Arjun smacks him since he was not paying attention to the task assigned to him.

Purushotthaman arrives at Annapoorani's residence looking for Pooja. Ashwin assures Pooja that as long as Ashwin is in the house, everything will be OK. Everyone enters the hall when Purushotthaman yells. Annapoorani orders that he leaves her home. They both start arguing.

Pooja again strikes Annapoorani with the ball as she insults her father. Shenbagam enters the room. Purushotthaman asks Shenbagam if she died in the accident. Annapoorani chastises him for his inquisitiveness. Bala claims she is still alive but has lost her memories.

Arjun comes and behaves cynically, telling the guys who have joined Purushotthaman to act in favour of him. Arjun boldly declares that he knows no girls other than his wife Roja and lifts her in his arms in front of everyone.

Arjun calls Ashwin. He walks downstairs and pretends as if he doesn't know Purushotthaman and how he knows about his daughter. Purushotthaman cautions Ashwin and inquires about Pooja. Purushotthaman refers to Anu as dumb. Annapoorani and Purushotthaman have a vigorous argument. He threatens to call the cops if he is not allowed to search the entire house. Shenbagam notices Pooja as she hurries to hide. Purushotthaman's men are served milk by Shenbagam. Purushotthaman walks upstairs to find Pooja. She attempts to conceal herself from his gaze.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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