Roja, 8th November 2021, Written Update: Will Arjun and Shenbagam survive?

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Roja, 8th November 2021, Written Update: Will Arjun and Shenbagam survive?

In today's episode, in the temple, Amma asks Roja to perform the puja with certain rites so that, with the favour of Goddess Arjun and Shenbagam, they will be able to return from death. In the hospital, doctors operate on Arjun and Shenbagam.

Roja goes to start the puja. Sakshi and Divya want to disrupt Roja's puja, so a woman throws poisonous thorns along the path where Roja is going to perform the ritual. Roja begins to circle the tree, unintentionally stepping on the thorns. She screams out in agony and begs the goddess for help. Sakshi and Divya take pleasure in watching Roja in pain.

The Goddess takes the form of a young girl. She transforms all of the thorns into flowers. Divya and Sakshi are taken aback. The puja is resumed by Roja. Sakshi declares that she does not believe in God and proceeds to make a slew of disruptions to prevent Roja from completing the puja.

Sakshi sent a lady to obstruct Roja, and as the woman pushes Roja, the sacred thread flies from her grasp. The girl arrives and catches, not disrupting the puja, and requests Roja to continue the puja so that her desire might be granted. She vanishes. Roja completes the pooja successfully.

Divya plans to kill Roja to stop her from going to the hospital. Roja prays to the goddess for Arjun and Shenbagam's well being. She blames herself for Arjun and Shenbagam's current situation.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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