Rubina Dilaik opens up about her COVID 19 journey; Shares support of loved ones is the key to recovery

Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik shares her inspiring story of COVID 19 recovery on a radio show, where she talks about the key elements for a swift recovery.
Rubina Dilailk shares her covid 19 recovery journey Rubina Dilaik opens up about her COVID 19 journey; Shares support of loved ones is the key to recovery
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One of the most popular radio channels in India, Radio City has recently released a new show named ‘Little Shots’. The show will be hosted by the talented RJ Sheetal and it started airing on 29th May 2021. The show focuses on the struggles people faced during their battle with the virus and how they overcame it, in the form of short stories. The show has been introduced to spread positivity in the lives of the people and also to assist them in understanding deeper aspects of life. In the initial episode, the show has taken up the COVID 19 recovery story of actress and boss lady, Rubina Dilaik.

The Shakti actress had contracted Coronavirus a few days back and now, she has fully recovered from it. The actress shared in detail about her COVID 19 experience and how her optimism, as well as her positive attitude, helped her in quick recovery. She shared that after she realized that she has contracted the disease, she immediately home quarantined herself in her hometown in Shimla. She also said that she believes only the support of the family and their love can assist in providing mental and emotional peace, which helps in the quick recovery.

The actress also focussed on the importance of healthy food, ample sleep, short walks, pranayama, and meditation and said that it assists in mindfulness that leads to quick recovery and helps avoid long-term effects of COVID 19. She also advises her fans to set a goal that will motivate them to work towards their recovery. 

The show can be watched on the YouTube handle of the radio channel.

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