Salman Khan suggests getting a female co host to add freshness in Bigg Boss 13?

Looks like Salman Khan wishes to get some company while he is on stage and well, what better than a co-host for Bigg Boss 13?
Salman Khan suggests getting a female co host to add freshness in Bigg Boss 13?Salman Khan suggests getting a female co host to add freshness in Bigg Boss 13?
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Bigg Boss has been one of the most loved and popular reality shows that Indian television has and with Salman Khan's ever so long association with the show, it has been only growing. Every year, at least once, rumours suggest that the actor might not be the host for the upcoming season of the show and every season, none of it seems to be turning true. However, looks like Salman wouldn't mind some company in the form of a female co-host for Bigg Boss 13.

According to the recent reports, Salman Khan has suggested the makers to get a female co-host on board so that there is a sense of freshness that is added to the season. The report also added further how Salman might not be as active as earlier if we see a co-host join the new season of the most controversial show. This is all being done in good faith and so that there is some newness that comes along. However, the report also stated that these are mere suggestions and nothing is final just yet.



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Meanwhile, we reported exclusively that the Salman Khan show will be going on air on September 29, 2019 while it will conclude on January 12, 2019. Generally, that's the time around which the show does go on-air and well, this time is not going to be any different. There have also been reports about how the shooting will take place in Mumbai this season and not in Lonavala and in fact, it is the sets of the season 2 of Marathi Bigg Boss that will be redone for the upcoming season.


I know people including me would want Katrina to Co host. But seeing the recent promotion I don't think they should work together anymore cause
1)salkat is a hit pairing n everytime we see them together we ask them to get married n Salman is with ıulia so it would be wrong with ıulia.
2) because of this Salman n Katrina both have kept distance this time in promotions n it isn't looking good.
3) because of this he keeps passing derogatory remarks on her n I could see Kat tolerating bcaz it is Salman. She should keep some respect for herself. I understand she does it for Salman but she really looks bad in not making him bad or unhappy.
4) lastly in every pinkvilla comment when someone comments that Salkat get married, Salman pr keep replying saying despo, cheapo Kat, in ur dreams. It kind of ruins our expectations from them.

I really respect Salman relationship with ıulia but I don't like it.

I dont think salman would like to host with kat ...its Katrina trying to be in the show anyhow dont know why may be for money or maybe she want to be with salman almost every where like if she is trying to convince salman for marriage

I wanted Kat to co host cause Kat n Salman banter is good. She makes him look good n if he is going wrong she gives a hint to stop it. But now she seems scared to say a word against him. N he keep insulting her n forcing her to say he gives her advises. Kat cares for her fans n so she tries to make salkat moments but Salman clearly not interested. Maybe cause ıulia told her or whatever the reason. But now she is keeping the distance. Even doing solo interviews. Now I don't want him to co host with Kat. He should do it with ıulia. Let's see how long he survives his stardom without Kat.

N so he should Co host with ıulia. Maybe then audience will be more acceptable to her.

Pls bring iulia. We will love to see yr chemistry with iulia

It seems like if Katrina asks for Salman's eyes he will give them to her At first he said Katrina is spreading these rumours because she asked him to be in the show co hosting but Then pinkvilla say he will love to have a co host its either Katrina spreading rumours again through pinkvilla or salman accepting Katrinas request

Why will Salman wants to give Katrina his eye? Have you been watching their movie promotion? It’s obvious Salman not interested in Katrina, he been very cool and mean towards her the entire promotion.

iulia could be a better co host because that’s what she’s good at. She hosted many television shows in her country but she can’t speak Hindi. And that will be a problem when the show goes live, or do big brother India goes live?

She does know hindi as she sang songs in it. But first Salman needs to acknowledge his relationship with ıulia in public.

Get Kangana! Will be fun

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