Sambhavna Seth sends legal notice to Delhi hospital where her father passed away; Blames hospital staff

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Sambhavna Seth sends legal notice to Delhi hospital where her father passed away; Blames hospital staff

Actress Sambhavna Seth has been grabbing headlines after her father’s demise. He lost his life after suffering from cardiac arrest on May 8. He had also tested positive for COVID 19. The actress had been claiming that he did not die because of the Coronavirus but because of medical negligence. She had also recorded a video from the hospital in Delhi where he was admitted and showed her father’s condition. The video had gone viral and fans also came out in her support.

And now a report is coming in that she has sent a legal notice to the hospital. In an interview with ETimes, the actress said, "My brother called me up and informed me that my father’s hands and legs were tied to the bed. When asked the hospital staff said that it was done to stop him from removing the oxygen supply. Then my brother informed me our father had been put on oxygen support. I felt something was wrong and flew down to Delhi the next day."

She further said the there was no one attending my father. “I was shocked to see and even recorded video but they forced me to delete it,” she added.  

To note, the actress had shared a video and wrote, “Now I am fearlessly going to fight for the truth as taught by my father my whole life. I may or may not defeat these big sharks in this fight but I'm definitely gonna pull them out of this godly water and show their real faces.” 

The actress had always maintained that she has immense respect for the medical fraternity.

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Anonymous : It is so sad to lose parent like that, Health care in India needs major reform but Again Corrupt politicians have no time for working on real issues
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Anonymous : Please dont blame the doctors blindly .
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : For a change lets give benefit of doubt to the doctors and hospital staff. over worked , totoally exhausted , frustrated .... they are merely sticking to protocol.
REPLY 2 2 months ago