Sanaya Irani-Mohit Sehgal upset over rumours against them over Nach Baliye 8, clarify their stance

Sanaya and Mohit get annoyed.

It's just a few more weeks to the grand finale of the popular dance reality show Nach Baliye 8. While the couples are gearing to up their game and give in their best shot, the audiences are all excited to see their favourite couple win. But recently, the gossip that raised our eyebrows was how Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal, who are one of the most popular couples on Indian television and also on Nach Baliye, were probably getting safe zoned by the home channel of the show. It was further rumoured of how the couple was getting preferred over other couples and were given a lot of takes to perform their final act even after rehearsals. Apparently, they are getting leeway and were supported by the channel.

But Monaya who seemed to be hurt by these rumours, took to Instagram recently to clarify. Sanaya looked extremely disappointed and told how her friend disclosed to her about the rumours. She clarified saying that it is a reality show and n one can cheat or fool anyone. They have been putting in umpteen efforts to perform their best and that such rumours affect them. Mohit too looked visibly upset. Going ahead, she has also requested fans not to stoop down to anybody's level and rather than fighting on social media, it's better to vote for whomsoever they feel like.

Earlier, a source informed us, "Sanaya and Mohit have been getting a 30 score but Terence has been carefully scrutinising their performance and his comments that are against them are not completely telecasted by the channel since they do not want to affect their viewership by losing out on the fans of MoNaya. So especially Terence's comments on Monaya's performance are rather rigged in a smart way to safe side Monaya, and it is making Terence infuriated." "Terence is completely unhappy with the fact and behaviour of the channel. In fact, he had also called Mohit to be a poor dancer," informed the source. Rather filing the story without cross checking, we believed in getting the fact right from the horse's mouth itself. We had got in touch with Terence who laughed on hearing the gossip revolving around him. The choreographer who does not believe in mincing words and prefers calling spade a spade, spoke his heart out before it turned out to be an unwanted controversy.

"How do guys learn about everything," said Terence laughingly. Rather than sticking to the quintessential 'no comments' line, he went on record to accept a few things. "No No it's not happened the way you guys have been informed. I have been strict with everybody, not just Sanaya and Mohit. I am very particular about the technical aspects. After every performance, I am very detailed about telling every couple of how they have performed and how they have to improve and where. But my comments are very detailed and not precise. Of course, the channel does not have that much screen time to telecast everything that I say. They have to alter my comments. It's not just here but every show that I judge, I have a lot to say and the channel cannot only give me all the screen time. It will be unfair to the other judges too." Well, these aren't just the rumours for Monaya alone, even Divyanka-Vivek, Sanam-Abigail have faced such baseless rumours against them.


So sad #nachbaliye8

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Sanaya is the Best and Monaya will win

With you Sanaya and Mohit....Though not easy, ignore the rumors...they are targeted to disrepute and distract you from the finals...they don't mean a thing to people and true fans like us who appreciate your hard work, sincere efforts and genuinely bettering NACH performances....Best of luck...Rock on MONAYA....You'll DESERVE to WIN!!!

Mohit is a poor dancer, its a fact well known, so why I'd the couple getting 30? Surely that should be for a couple who display a perfect performance, which is not the case. Watch the dance the couples did around Sri Devi, he can't even do garba. Monaya, their fans and the makeup man have gone nothing but sling mud, be abusive and play games throughout the series. So maybe they should look in the mirror before whining about false stories.

I bet it's Divyanka and Vivek as they are the only ones that seem to have a PR. Divyanka doesn't miss a single opportunity to hog the limelight, obviously has no talent and is desperately desperate, so she is stooping to really low levels!

Sanaya slayed it..Showed real colors of Uncle Unty Divek they both r nothing but loosers they cant win straight so playing Dirty..#GoWinMonaya

They will definitely win

Sanaya and Mohit DESERVE to WIN!!!

Definitely not.......If anyone truly deserves winning it's just Sanam- Abigail......Not anyone else.....

Her fans so support her? Yes with such fans and enemies aren't necessary.

Monaya is the winner

I bet aunty Divanka is the one who is been contracted to win the show! She seems to have a PR. Man i can't belief she got through to the finals with below average performances when other contestents are doing much harder steps and acts! Bharti, Ashka and Deepika should have been in the finals. I don't care who wins the rigged show, hope it is not Divanka and Vivek.

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