Sanjivani: 5 things that will be MISSED from Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna's show after it goes off air

As Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna's medical drama, Sanjivani bids adieu to its fans tonight, here's a list of the five things that will be missed from the show.
Sanjivani: 5 things that will be MISSED from Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna's show after it goes off air
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When the reboot version of Sanjivani was announced with Surbhi Chandna and Namit Khanna, fans' excitement knew no boundaries. While some were dubious of them matching the set mark, others were sure it was going to be a clutter-breaking and record-breaking show. On 12 August 2019, the first episode of Sanjivani aired with new hopes and aims. Slowly and steadily, the medical drama created a place of its own. However, it did not live up to the viewers' expectations and failed to vouch for good numbers on the TRP charts. 

Within almost 4 months of its run, rumours about the show going off-air started doing rounds. While initially they were rubbished and a new time slot was allotted to the show, later the news was confirmed. The makers announced that due to bad response, they have decided to call of Sanjivani after a not-so-good journey of merely 8 months. This news left everyone disheartened, and #Sidisha fans were completely shattered. But as it is said, 'Every show has its own fate,' maybe Sanjivani was meant to be with us until now. As Sanjivani bids a heavy goodbye to all of us today (March 13, 2020), we pay an ode to the show by revealing why we're going to miss. 

Here are 5 things that are going to be utterly missed after Sanjivani's closure: 

1. Surbhi Chandna aka Dr. Ishaani 

Well, if I did not start with Surbhi, it would have been an injustice to the entire article. Needless to say, seeing Surbhi as Dr. Ishani donning the white coat, was a breath of fresh air. She was the charm of the medical drama, and without her, it wouldn't have been possible. With her acting prowess, scintillating performance and eye-popping expressions, Surbhi herself as one of the most prominent actresses from the younger generation. And she just fit the bill to play the mature and responsible yet stubborn at heart Dr. Ishani. Surbhi aced the look and the role of Dr. Ishani with aplomb. She truly was phenomenal in showing the different shades of her character, which touched millions of hearts. 

2. Surbhi and Namit's love-hate relationship

With Sanjivani we saw a fresh pairing that made everyone go 'awww.' This was the very first time that Surbhi and Namit were paired opposite each other, but their chemistry, bond, and compatibility spoke something different. From locking horns instantly to having an eye lock, Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid made many heads turn, and oh boy, their comfort zone is unmatchable. They might hate each other but eventually, sparks flew between them as they came closer, and their equation was hard to miss! 

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3. Real-life twists to the medical cases 

Unlike both its previous seasons, this time Sanjivani focussed on giving real-life twists to the narrative. From doctors' sheer dedication towards their duty of saving lives to highlighting many relevant issues related to corruption in the medical sector, Sanjivani did a fantastic job. It also brought forth some interesting medical cases to educate the viewers, making it an impeccable hospital drama. 

4. A perfect blend 

Needless to say, Sanjivani was the apt amalgamation of all the elements that are important to make a story relevant. Whether it was the Surbhi and Namit's love-hate relationship or patients' worries, everything was depicted with utter diligence. Each character came with its own baggage but eventually found its ground with another. Of course, it teamed with some unsaid tales which soon unravel, only bolstering the drama quotient and making it more pleasing. From the treatment to the dialogues, the way Sanjivani's story was woven and taken forward is absolutely beautiful woven the story. It only proved that the makers didn't want the message to be only preachy but also fun. The show was a complete platter, which is balanced in emotions, fun, laughter, drama, love and social knowledge. 

5. The commendable Supporting cast 

However, good the lead actors maybe, a strong support cast is what adds the magic to the overall drama. They not only act as a support system but have their only individuality that connects with the audiences. A good extended cast has a substantial part in the development of the story and relationship with the lead actor. They are the vital function in creating a truly viable story and often are an indelible part of the plot. With ace actors like Monish Bahl, Gaurav Chopra, Sayantani Ghosh and Gurdeep Kholi backing the central characters, Sanjivani became much more relatable. Their fun banter made it an interesting watch and it overall made the show likable. The supporting cast's gift of the gab, acting skills, and some funny one-liners took the shortest route to the audience's hearts. 

What are you going to miss about Sanjivani the most? Has its closure affected you? What did you think went wrong for the show? How do you think it could have done better and survived? Drop-in your suggestions in the comment section below. 

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If Mohnish bahl had continued acting in the series,this would have survived

Makers gave a great message to the public that was...though u got married to a lovable n caring person ,over three r ten years ,no matter,when ur ex lover comes to u ,go along with him.wahhhh

Disappointed with the end, Ishani going back to Dr Sid after being married to NV Singh was unacceptable.

Yes it was a very disappointed ending ishani shouldn't do that

The most important I will miss for this show was about SIDISHA because they are a beautiful couple I dont want to any negative point because I didnt find anything like that

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