Sasural Simar Ka 2's Tanya Sharma feels sick shooting in scorching sun; Says she happy due to viewers' love

Tanya Sharma talked about the trouble of shooting outdoors in scorching sunlight for the show Sasural Simar Ka 2. She also said she feels blessed to shoot inside the Taj Mahal.
Tanya Sharma in Agra Sasural Simar Ka 2's Tanya Sharma feels sick shooting in scorching sun; Says she happy due to viewers' love
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Tanya Sharma is playing the role of Reema Narayan in the show Sasural Simar Ka 2. It is one of the most popular shows on the Indian television sets and its first season was a huge hit, which has Dipika Kakar as its lead. Tanya Sharma is playing an essential role in the second season of the show. At present, the cast of the show is shooting in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The actress recently talked about shooting and the struggles the cast is facing there, in an exclusive talk with ETimes TV. 

Talking about her experience of shooting in the scorching heat, she said that she had become sick and exhausted due to the intense heat. She added that they all are facing physical exhaustion as this is an outdoor shoot, hence they have to be out for hours. The weather is extremely hot and they have to keep shooting in spite of that. The actress told that owing to the COVID 19 rising cases, the team is confined to a specific property and for the last 15 days, they are confined to shooting that property. She added that she feels sick and other people have also become sick due to heat as they shoot for the whole day. But she has no complaints about doing the shoot because of the love they are receiving from the audience. 

She added that if the shooting was in Mumbai, they would have set up numerous rooms. The actress said that when you shoot in another city, the people feel like it’s their show and you also feel connected to the people. This becomes an advantage for the cast when they are shooting outdoors. She feels that the warmth they get with there cannot be compared to anything. 

The cast also got the opportunity to shoot inside the Taj Mahal and Tanya said that she did a photoshoot after the wrap-up of shooting. She said she was very excited about visiting the Taj Mahal, as she has been there before in her childhood. She felt lucky that she got the chance to shoot inside it. She added that these moments make her feel blessed for being an actor.

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