Shaheer Sheikh remembers his show Mahabharat with yet another throwback still in his walk down the memory lane

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Shaheer Sheikh remembers his show Mahabharat with yet another throwback still in his walk down the memory lane

Shaheer Sheikh's Instagram profile right now is all things major nostalgia and time and again, the actor keeps sharing all these photos from back in the day and they have us missing him on-screen. With everything that is going on, Shaheer took to social media to relive his old days and take us on a walk down the memory lane with photos right from his childhood up until his work but it looks like we have a long way to traverse before he comes to his current show.

The actor not only shared photos and videos from the shows he has been a part of, but in fact, he also gave us a glimpse into his personal life, including his family, college friends, cousins, and of course, the initial days from where it all started. And right now, it looks like he has put a pause button for Mahabharat since the memories don' seem to come to an end and so, he shared a still from the show today, making us all a little more nostalgic.

Check out Shaheer Sheikh's post here:

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Meanwhile, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is supposed to kickstart shooting soon, however, chances are that we might have to wait for more a little bit longer. None the less, fans are pumped up about it and we bet Shaheer plans on keeping up with the shoot as well.

In a recent interview with us, we asked the actor about the ongoing issue of non-payments and he said, "It is a difficult time for everyone and I do understand the pressure and stress that the daily wage workers are going through. They are going through much worse times. I am of course not going to put extra pressure on any people I work with. I am going to be supporting as many as I can, be it my staff, people who were financially dependent on me. I am going to continue supporting them and hopefully, everyone is able to do that."


Anonymous : He is amazing in Mahabharat. Loved him hope he gets more good roles like that. His talent should not go wasted
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