Shehnaaz Gill on 'Tuada Kutta Tommy' one liner rap: Felt good that it went viral, it's a Punjabi proverb

In a live Instagram session recently, Shehnaaz Gill expressed her feeling on her one-liner from Bigg Boss 13 being turned into a viral rap song. The star thanked everyone for giving her so much love after doing one show.
Shehnaaz Gill on 'Tuada Kutta Tommy' one liner rap: Felt good that it went viral, it's a Punjabi proverb
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If there is one star who emerged from the previous season of Bigg Boss, it is Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif, Shehnaaz Gill. The gorgeous star has been a viral sensation even after Bigg Boss 13 got over. More recently, her one-liner from the show was turned into a funny rap by Yashraj Mukhate and it went viral on the internet. Now, in a recent Instagram live session, Shehnaaz reacted to it and expressed her feelings on her one-liner getting so much admiration from her fans. 

Recently, during her live Instagram session, Shehnaaz said that while she was on the show, she said that line of 'Saada Kutta Kutta, Tuada Kutta Tommy' as it's a Punjabi proverb and very commonly used. She further said that she was taken aback by how popular her line became after being turned into a rap. Shehnaaz went onto express that she felt good that it was loved by her fans and further thanked them for giving her so much love despite her doing only one show. 

While talking about the viral rap, Shehnaaz said, "It became a hit. I did not speak a dialogue. It's a proverb. In Punjab, one says Saada Kutta, Kutta, Tuada Kutta Tommy. I used it there and it went viral. Thank you so much. You guys made it so viral. I felt very good." She even went onto recite the dialogue again for her fans. During the live session, Shehnaaz opened up about the makeup skill that she had learned and also revealed that for her live session, she did it herself. She even went to sing a song for her fan and even expressed her take on negativity. She asked her fans to not fight with anyone who doesn't like her. 

Take a look at snippets from her session:

Shehnaaz has been receiving a lot of love from fans after her stint on Bigg Boss 13. Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla's friendship has a huge fan base and they even did a popular music video together, titled 'Shona' by Tony Kakkar. Reportedly, the two were in Goa for a shoot, and fans of the two have been excited to see how they team up once again. 

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