SHOCKING: Sara Khan's lip job done wrong; actress reveals about it on social media

Sara Khan opened up about getting lip fillers after being trolled on social media.
SHOCKING: Sara Khan's lip job done wrong; actress reveals about it on social media
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TV actress Sara Khan posted a picture on Instagram last night for the purpose of announcing her upcoming music video. Social media users noticed a significant change in how her lips looked. Sara looked completely different in her latest picture. Netizens started trolling her and commented as to how her lip surgery had done wrong. Sara Khan was asked about it in an interview. On being asked about the trolls by BollywoodLife, Sara remarked, “I’m loving it and laughing at it.”

The actress added, “The haters can go to any extent to get the attention and I’m used to trolling.” She also retorted to all the trolls by saying that her lip surgery has been amazing. Sara has currently been working on a song Bidaai which happens to be a rendition of ‘Bidaai,’ her debut television series. Sara Khan happens to be one of the most popular television actresses. The actress keeps posting pictures on social media frequently. About reports of the lip surgery, Sara added, “There is news coming up that my lip surgery has gone wrong. I just want to share that my lip surgery has got completely amazingly done. And I love it myself so much. I'm loving it. I've used lip fillers actually, it is not a lip surgery.

“So, the people who are saying its lip surgery, are wrong. It’s a lip filler. I want to educate people that there's a difference between filler and surgery. From my debut show till now, I have only done one thing which is to my lips that too just now. Apart from that, I have groomed myself. But there's been no surgery," she said.

Her music video titled Black Heart was released in the year 2018. Sara was also trolled mercilessly on social media for sharing bold pictures during the promotion of Black Heart. 



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