Sidharth Shukla: 5 statements by the actor on Rashami Desai post Bigg Boss 13 will make you root for #SidRa

Here's all that Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla said about Rashami Desai after the Salman Khan's show that you just cannot miss.
Sidharth Shukla: 5 statements by the actor on Rashami Desai post Bigg Boss 13 will make you root for #SidRaSidharth Shukla: 5 statements by the actor on Rashami Desai post Bigg Boss 13 will make you root for #SidRa
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There are friends, there are enemies and then there are frenemies. And no one can describe the last category better than Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. Yes, the two have been the most discussed jodis of Television, and they gained more limelight after their stint in Bigg Boss 13. When the Dil Se Dil Tak co-actors entered the controversial show hosted by Salman Khan, none one of their fans would have ever imagined seeing them fighting like cats and dogs. But, unfortunately, they did and crossed all limits, leaving #SidRa fans highly disappointed. 

Passing sarcastic remarks, digging out the past, hurling abuses, mocking each other to even getting physically abusive, the two stooped to new lows in the 'tedha' season. However, towards the last leg of the show, Sid and Rash turned tables upside down and shared a good bond. Much to everyone's surprise, from being at loggerheads to being each other's emotional support, there was a drastic change in their equation. And when Sidharth Shukla lifted the winner's trophy, their bond was visible. 

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Now, that BB 13 is over and it has almost been a month of its closure, the two are still seen showering praises for each other. While Rashami is very open and straightforward with the media, Sidharth, on the other hand, is quite shy. But he has said some sweet things about Rashami after the show that will make you go 'awww'. Today, we bring to you some strong statements made by the Balika Vadhu actor for the soon-to-be Naagin 4 actress which are totally unmissable, if you are a #SidRa shipper. 

Here are top 5 statements Sidharth Shukla made on Rashami Desai after Bigg Boss 13: 

1. On his equation and bond with Rashami post Bigg Boss 13. 

Sidharth and Rashami did not get along well during the initial days of BB 13. However, during the last leg of the show, the two enemies settled down and tried to mend things. 

When asked Sidharth about his bond with the actress after the show, he said, 'We share a cordial equation now. I am somebody who likes to move forward in life. I like to have a very peaceful relationship with everybody around me.' 

2. On Rashami and Arhaan's split.  

While Sidharth did not poke his nose in Rashami's personal matter inside the BB 13 house, the actor did comment on her ugly breakup with beau Arhaaan Khan after the show. Sid said, ' I felt sorry that she (Rashami) trusted someone so deeply, but the man cheated her. Relationships are based on trust and transparency.

When probed if he tried to talk about the same with Rashami outside the house, he revealed, 'Honestly, I didn’t want to get into that space.'

3. On his fights with Rashami. 

Sidharth and Rashami had some of the ugliest fights in the Bigg Boss 13 house. In a recent interview opening up about the same, Sid told, ' When I sit back and think sometimes, I laugh at those fights. My bond with Rashami is much cooler now, I hope.' 

4. On catching up and meeting Rashami as friends 

Ask Sidharth if he will ever have a reunion with Rashami now that the show is over, he says, 'Whenever I meet her, I'm sure we will have the same equation that we have had towards the end of BB 13. Now, everything is fine between us, and whenever we catch up, we will surely have fun.

5. On working with Rashami again onscreen 

Sidharth and Rashami are one of the most loved on-screen couples, thanks to their fiery chemistry in Dil Se Dil Tak. After witnessing their on and off bond in BB 13, fans watch to see their beloved #SidRa back on TV. 

Whenever Sidharth was asked if he would like to work with Rashami again, Sid said, 'Let's see. If a good project comes ahead, we will think about it. I cannot say anything for sure now.' 

Here's a Bonus point for all Sidharth - Rashami lovers 

6. On his favorite memory from the 'tedha season' 

Surprisingly, when Sidharth was asked about his most favorite and cherishable memory from BB 13, it was not with his bestie Shehnaaz Gill, but with Rashami from their grand finale performance. 

He revealed, 'I really liked the picture and I don't really know why. It is from the finale act, where through our performance we were trying to say that how professionally we get along so well, but the moment the camera switches off, we become enemies. It was fun shooting together. Moreover, while shooting we let our guards down.'

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Dntplay with public emotions by posting such news Sidra sidnaaz n whatever.....they r humen beings ....they wl fight or wl gather ....dsnt a big deal

Sidharth is a Narcissist. Both Rashmi and Shehnaaz deserve better then this bully.

He disrespected all girls in the big boss house. Most of them stood up to him so he backed off and started flirting with them. The only person who didn't stand up to him was Sana and we all know how much he bullied her.

Which bb did u watch!??
Sidharth has always respected girls
Though he does not believe i fake feminism
He believes in equality
Same with girls as well as boys

U r nuts. Who the hell r u judge him. Its there personal matter. Let them take care of it

I know Sid bhai and rash Didi are good friends but sidnazzz is best

Hello we know about Sidharth very well Sidhaters stay away from him. He is not a bully he is a normal and loyal person . If Rashmi and Sana is ok with Sid who the hell are you to judge him. He will also get a very nice girl in his life.

Rashmi Desai or Sana r both intelligent and able to identify what is right and wrong doings and know well how to defend and take care of themselves from any man so saying that Sid is a bully is totally wrong .He is a very good person at heart and know how to behave with women as seen in bbh .I am not a fan of any person but was an observer of the bbh show and for the first time seen the show not knowing this man Siddharth Shukla yet stand by him for the game he played with courage sincerity honesty understanding and dedication and sincerely sate he is a good character person .

Some haters said that he didn't respect girls. Put yourself in Sid place and when somebody continuously speaks about your character what will be your reaction? I never seen any contestant in BB had to face every possible allegations on man character. And he just got angry but didn't use even 5% of wrong words.acc to some fake feminist girls can character assasinate anybody but a man can't even get angry or argue on it.

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