Sidharth Shukla BREAKS silence on being accused of drunk driving on his birthday: It leaves a bitter feeling

Sidharth Shukla recently opened up about the drunk driving allegations made against him on his birthday, why this year his birthday was special, and how he manages to interact with his supporters always.
Sidharth Shukla on drunk driving allegations Sidharth Shukla BREAKS silence on being accused of drunk driving on his birthday: It leaves a bitter feeling
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Sidharth Shukla grabbed headlines on his birthday, December 12, after a video of the actor got viral. The actor was accused of drunk driving and hitting a man. However, later it was revealed that the narrative was 'fake.' Sidharth was actually helping his brother-in-law, who was harassed by some goons. He also got the goons arrested, and several other video clips revealed the truth. While Sidharth kept silent on the incident, a source had shared details of what really happened. 

However, after a week, the actor finally broke his silence and shared his views on the unfortunate incident. Though Sidharth did not divulge into details about the incident as he said that everything is already out in the public domain, and people have seen several clips of the incident. However, he stated that with the online space being so vast, some platforms really starve for news, as somebody wrote in the headline that he was drunk, without any verification or cross-checking.

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'It’s really sad that you have gone out to help someone and they make you out to be the wrong one,' expressed Sidharth. But, Sidharth agrees that majority of the media got things right, and they went on to see the videos the following day to put the correct information out. 'It’s not like a person needs validation or recognition when he happens to do something good or he helps someone, but when it’s turned around and the person is accused of something, it leaves a bitter feeling in the heart. But I guess that’s life, so it’s okay,' shared Sidharth. 

However, this incident did not hamper Sidharth's birthday, as he was showered with abundant love from all over. The actor shared that the number of cakes, gifts, wishes, and blessings he received on his birthday this year was just 'amazing.' Though one is made felt special on one's birthday, this year it was something different and extremely special. Since childhood, one is made to feel special on one’s birthday, but this was something else, as countdowns began for his birthday a month prior. 'The best part was that many celebrated the day with people in old age homes, at orphanages, some fed the hungry, some planted trees. It was all so beautiful,' reiterated Sidharth. 

Lastly, when asked how he manages to keep in touch with his vast fan base and interact with them, Sidharth revealed that whenever he is on social media, he goes through most of the posts. 'I will be lying if I say that I read them all. But, I do manage to read most of them. There are appreciations that I receive, there are constructive criticisms too, which I take well and work on, and then there are these amazing videos that they make for me,' he shared. The actor notices and acknowledges the efforts that his followers put in. He shared that when he receives gifts, he ensures to use them as he knows that his fans have sent them with unconditional love.  

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