Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka to take a leap; Kunal and Nandini to live together after Mauli break ties?

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka will reportedly take a leap of 2 years. Mauli will be seen breaking all ties with Kunal and Nandini.
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Colors' popular show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is currently witnessing a great drama with Mauli [Adti Sharma] finding out about Kunal's [Shakti Arora] infidelity with Nandini [Drashti Dhami], her best friend. Following this, Mauli breaks down and hauls and leaves the celebrations midway heartbroken. Kunal tries to justify himself but Mauli walks away, obviously! Kunal goes behind Mauli but finds the house empty which drives him further into guilt. On the other hand, Nandini is welcomed by Rajdeep [Abhinav Shukla] when she reached home. 

 Rajdeep is seen taunting Nandini for cheating her best friend which hits Nandini hard and she breaks down. According to an India Forums report now, Mauli will throw Nandini out of her life and will ask Kunal to choose between her and Nandini. She will cut all ties with Nandini and Kunal. Kunal's mother and grandmother will support Mauli in this and throw Kunal out disowning him. The show will then be seen taking a leap of 2 years wherein Nandini and Kunal stay together asking for Mauli's forgiveness while Mauli stays with Dida and her mother-in-law. 

Well, that definitely is an interesting development but will it help the show rake in numbers? Only time will tell. 

Meanwhile, Drashti Dhami and Shakti Arora recently found themselves in troubled waters after fans trolled them for encouraging immoral values through the show. Drashti, on the other hand, thanked the Silsila team via Instagram post for being supportive and family like. 

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka airs at 10 PM on Colors. 


So finally kunan United without much effort.I watched this serial to see how beautiful married life is at the same time with sympathy towards nandini.I thought kunan will emotionally handle their relationship but never thought they will physically involved so soon.
I will follow it again to see how mouli face the future.I am asking kunan fans can you enjoy kunan romantic moments here in after without any guilt.

Poor Mauli

I love this show. Our society likes to see everything in rose colored glasses but situations do exist even if it's the ugly truth.

Ridiculous Show ! Why promote such nonsensical content ?

Kunal n nandini shud never b able to leave happily after destroying an innocent life dey shud face worst in life as a punishment n lesson.

Kunal and Nandini's character pisses me off.

What goes around comes around. Kunal n nandini will pay hard in thier life for dis betrayal...hope makers show some justice...

I love this show
I love u all actors played role very well

I hate Nandhini..... Kunal is weak of girls. thts y he fell 4 nandhini so sad mouli

I don't like Dhrashti's acting.I don't have any problems with them having an affair.So many men and women do.Many men are bad husbands and many women are very bad wives.It is better to break up before kids are involved.
My problems is Aditi is a far better actress Than DD and she makes DD look like an amature.

it is sad that indian serials showcase extra marital affair as no big deal and characters show no remorse and guilt free especially when wife is such a good person. I do not want to express hatred towards characters nandini and kunal as i think they dont deserve any feelings at all. But i think Mauli is really super woman and such a graceful character. Aditi Sharma has really given justice to her character by playing it so well. I totally agree, Dhristi Dhami can only look pretty and she thinks acting melow and crying always means acting well :). I think makers of this serial need to really give respect to mauli's character and make her very happy in her life being away from such cheaps in her life who betrayed her. At the same time they shouldn't let kunal or nandini to be happy ever.


I feel that kunal is doing all this for mauli's sake. He knows mauli cannot have a baby and he is doing all this with a plan. He will ditch Nandini later. He doesn't even care if mauli cries now, but he knows that she will be happy later having both him and his baby.

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