Surveen Chawla: I could kiss my co-actor or even go nude on screen, my husband will not say anything

Surveen Chawla surprised everyone last year by revealing that she is married. In an interview, the actor got candid about her married life and the kind of understanding she has with her husband.
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Surveen Chawla is one of the bold and talented actors in the television and film industry. With her performance in the film Parched (2015), the actor has proved that she is one of the finest actors.
Surveen surprised everyone when she announced that she was married. About her life after marriage, she told a leading daily, "In fact, it has gotten only better."
About getting shocking reactions when she announced that she is married,  Surveen said, "Why does it shock people that I got married? Those days are gone when an actress would achieve her professional goals first and then get married. Many actresses achieve great professional heights even after marriage now. Just because I was perceived as a go-getter and an ambitious person, it did not mean that I had no intention of getting married if I found the right guy. Marriage and career are not interrelated and people should understand that. Just like any professional woman who continues to work after her marriage, an actress should not wait when she finds the right guy."
The actor said that she has a good understanding with her husband and he is very supportive of her career. "I had gone through many ups and downs in my relationships, so I was quite reluctant to get married until I was doubly sure of the person. Besides, it is also a question of hormones, so it is only right that you get married at the right age," said the actor.
Surveen Chawla added, "I could kiss my co-actor or even go nude on screen, I can do whatever the script demands in a film and my husband will not say anything about it. That’s the kind of understanding I have with him. When I have this kind of comfort level with him, why would I wait to get married? My husband is supportive of my work and I got a companion for life, what more can a woman ask for?"

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Husband seems like a great catch.... what a man wow!!

Why would he? you are the bread-winner, gotta to do what you have to, to put food on the table while he eats!

keep the cash flow going.



Whao is her husband?


Seems like an open relationship

Who is she?

Why heroins need to justify their roles by telling their partner's approval. I have not seen married actors doing it.

I feel sad for this woman, seem to need validation from public. I see everything but a solid marriage.

It seems to me like he doesn't care what she does as long as she pays his bills.

Neither would I.

And why are you telling us that?

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