Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 5, 2019 update: Inspector Chalu Pandey helps Tappu sena

Tapu Sena lodges a police complaint for the fraud that happened with Gogi. Inspector Chalu Pandey starts off with his investigation.
news & gossip,SAB TV,Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah ChashmaTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 5, 2019 update: Inspector Chalu Pandey helps Tappu sena
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the last episode. Montu is shown celebrating with his friends as he gets the money after selling Gogi's phone. His friends warn Montu to be careful of Tappu but Montu is confident that he won't get caught as there is no evidence of him selling the phone to Gogi and taking money from him. In the meantime, Gogi is still contemplating going to the police station fearing to disgrace the entire Gokuldham society.

Gogi even thinks of beating up Montu and getting the phone and money back. Tappu suggests that the best option is to approach the cops for help. Gogi repents on his mistake but Tappu explains to him that they need to involve the cops to get Montu to justice. Tappu tells everyone that the cops will help them if they tell the cops everything. Inspector Chalu Pandey is shown as a cop who hates mobile thieves. Inspector Pandey and his subordinate decide to arrest the buyers of stolen mobile phones to address the root cause of the mobile thefts.

He gets a call from his wife Basundi who tells him that she has sent food for the entire police department. She goes on and on with what all she's send in the tiffin. Listening to the conversation Goli gets excited and gets carried away. Inspector Pandey asks what is the Tappu Sena doing in the police station. Tappu tells him that they have come to complain about how Montu duped Gogi. On hearing how expensive the phone is, Inspector Pandey gets amazed and asks why students nowadays need such expensive gadgets. Sonu tells inspector Pandey that Gogi has a craze for latest mobile phones.  Inspector Pandey calls Gogi to interrogate. 


Gogi is skeptical seeing the baton kept at the inspector's desk. Inspector Pandey assures Gogi that he won't hit him and realization of mistake is a big virtue. Tappu Sena explains the entire situation to inspector Pandey. Inspector Pandey questions the Tappu sena whether they are telling the truth or insinuating that Montu has duped Gogi to seek vengeance from Montu. Tappu sena assures inspector Pandey that they are innocent and telling the truth. Tappu sena suggests inspector Pandey to call Montu for interrogation. Montu manages to convince inspector Pandey that he isn't lying and instead shifts the blame on Tappu sena.

Gogi swears on his mother that he has given money and his phone to Montu. Tappu sena pleads to the inspector for help. Inspector Pandey tells them that it's difficult to help them without evidence. Tappu suggests inspector Pandey to call the cyber cell and track the phone through the IMEI number. Gogi tells the inspector that he has the original bill to prove that he owns the phone given to Montu. Inspector Pandey directs Tappu sena to inspector Yadav who will assist them further. The episode ends with Taarak Mehta telling the audience what to expect as the story unfolds.

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