Throwback: Annu Kapoor and Kunal Kohli's fight and other 4 most bizarre moments from Indian reality TV shows

Here are the 5 most bizarre moments in Indian reality TV shows that took the audience by surprise.
Throwback: Annu Kapoor and Kunal Kohli's fight and other 4 most bizarre moments from Indian reality TV shows
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Reality shows are the most loved and highly viewed genre in the Indian television sector. These shows are filled with action, drama, comedy, emotion, and much more. But sometimes in the show, some moments are completely unexpected. Over the years, numerous incidents have happened in different reality shows.  

Here are some of the 5 most bizarre moments in the TV reality show that were caught on camera-

The verbal spat between Annu Kapoor and Kunal Kohli

The remarkable actor and singer, Annu Kapoor was one of the judges of a kids reality show Ek Se Badkar Ek: Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka. In one of the episodes, a kid sang a patriotic song and Annu Kapoor decided to give him extra marks for his song selection, for which Kunal Kohli pointed out that it is not right. Annu Kapoor was stung by his comment and got into a verbal spat with him. He was so angered that even Rakhi Sawant felt uncomfortable being there. 

Screams between Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari

Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari were part of the reality show Bigg Boss 4. Dolly Bindra was famous in the show for her ugly mouth and toxic comments on Shweta Tiwari. The duo got into a major fight over an issue regarding singer-politician Manoj Tiwari. Dolly Bindra even physically assaulted her which was completely unacceptable.

Pooja Misrra and Shonali Nagrani fight

The fight between Bigg Boss 5 contestants Pooja Misrra and Shonali Nagrani, became viral when memes were made on them. In the episode, Pooja Misrra broke the cleaning wiper in a fit of anger. The actress even threatened to hit Shonali Nagrani when she asked to behave.

Bhojpuri casting director and accuser fight on Rakhi Ka Insaaf

In a popular show in the past named Rakhi Ka Insaaf, things got out of control in the episode when a Bhojpuri casting director and a model entered into a physical fight over the issue of the casting couch.

Poulomi on Roadies 6

The actress was one of the contestants on Roadies 6 and was the highlight of the show for her addiction to makeup. She was immensely trolled for her bizarre looks.

Himesh Reshammiya comment on the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge

In one of the episodes of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge, Himesh Reshammiya commented on the singer saying 'Mujhe tere ghar me roti chaiye, struggling nahi'. His comment made everyone including judge Asha Bhosale awkward and uncomfortable.