Throwback: When Divyanka Tripathi opened up about her insecurities during the first time she met Vivek Dahiya

Here's how Vivek Dahiya fell head over heels for Divyanka Tripathi on their first date, and the actress realsied that he's the 'special one' for her. Read on to know 'Divek's' beautiful story.'
Throwback: When Divyanka Tripathi opened up about her insecurities during the first time she met Vivek DahiyaThrowback: When Divyanka Tripathi opened up about her insecurities during the first time she met Vivek Dahiya
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When one thinks about Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, the first thing that pops up in the mind is love! Their pure love, affection, and compatibility have made them the most adored couple of the Indian Television industry. Their journey to love has not been hidden from anyone. They met on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as co-stars, but destiny had some different plans for them. Initially, the two did not quite gel up, despite having done several scenes together. 

While Divyanka was just out of a relationship, Vivek was looking to get into one. However, later their story took a drastic and beautiful turn, and we got our beloved couple 'Divek.' They have reinstated our faith in love and are spreading their magic all over today, making us believe that fairy-tales are true. However, this all happened after someone from the YHM team suggested the two to go out on a date. Yes, a co-star pushed them to spend some time and know each other as they sip a cup of coffee. 

Hesitant at first, the two decided to give it a chance and agreed to meet as they were both single. Unlike other dates, the two had met with the perspective of seeing each other as life partners. But do you know what happened during our beloved Divek's first date? Well, if you don't, we've got our hands on a throwback video, where the duo has spilled all the secrets of their journey togetherness. 

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Divyanka revealed that when they first met, she had no clue that marriage plans would not be running within Vivek's mind. But, as innocent and chirpy as our dear Divyanka is, she posed some questions in front of Vivek, which might be awkward for some.' Why do you want to marry me? What qualities have you seen in me that you wish to be with me?' asked the uttered the beautiful actress.

Well, Vivek might really not have the answers to Divyanka's questions before he met her at their first meeting, but after that, he surely knew what's so 'special' about her that he would like to be with her 'forever.' Want to know which quality of Divyanka swept Vivek of his feet? Well, it was her honesty and straightforwardness. The diva opened up about her insecurities and flaws at their first meeting, leaving Vivek astounded and awestruck. Yes, you read that right! 

Vivek shared, 'Who vocalizes their insecurities in front of someone who she barely knows. She listed a couple of things that made me realize she is extremely confident about who she is, and she does not shy away from admitting her flaws.' Yes, Divyanka's honest and candid conversation with Vivek on their first date, lead to them weaving a magic love story together. 

Take a look at Divek's beautiful throwback video here: 

Vivek and Divyanka became 'one soul' on July 14, 2016, as they tied the knot in lavish traditional wedding in Mumbai. Divek's marriage was little a mini-event in the Telly world that was celebrated by everyone. The couple has now given wings to their dreams as they have opened their own production house named, 'One reason films'. Well, they surely compliment each other in every respect and are only giving us more reasons to fall in love with them each passing day. They're a match made in heaven, and there's no denying! 

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