TV Past Blast: When Kashmera Shah accused Rakhi Sawant in Bigg Boss for using sympathy card to gather votes

Rakhi Sawant and Kashmera Shah have a long history of a love-hate relationship with one another since Bigg Boss. The article highlights their top controversies over the years.
Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah TV Past Blast: When Kashmera Shah accused Rakhi Sawant in Bigg Boss for using sympathy card to gather votes
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The famous item girl Rakhi Sawant and actress Kashmera Shah have always shared a sweet and sour relationship. They entered Bigg Boss season 1 together and formed a good bond in the house. But things turned different when they started fighting over numerous small issues. Kashmera blamed Rakhi for playing the sympathy card to get the votes of the audience. This did not go down well with Rakhi and they became enemies. Reportedly Kashmera turned everyone in the house against her, which led to Rakhi’s numerous fights in the house.

They again came face to face, when they entered as participants of the show Nach Baliye 3. The show highlighted their fights as reportedly Kashmera commented on Rakhi about her silicon implantations. Rakhi stated that Kashmera mocked her saying that, ‘after removing her silicone implants she has lost her charm and no one will look at her now.’ Rakhi was hurt by her comments and was seen crying on the show, where her mother consoled her. Kashmira dismissed the rumor about her mean comments and also apologized to her, on the insistence of co-contestant and respected actor Shakti Kapoor. 

Later in a press conference also, they were snapping at each other. Reported Rakhi was openly flirting with Kashmera’s then-boyfriend now-husband Krushna, which made her frustrated.

The duo was recently seen together when they came to Bigg Boss 14 as challengers. Rakhi even complained to the show makers that why they brought her to the show. Kashmera Shah was also displeased to see her. In the Bigg Boss house, they created immense ruckus in the Duck task. 

But it seems they have decided to end their fights and shook hands. Kashmera Shah was recently seen with Rakhi Sawant when she came to meet her ailing mother. Rakhi Sawant also clicked pictures with her.