Vighnaharta Ganesha fame Rahul Sharma on him battling depression: Couldn't deal with breakup and career lows

TV actor Rahul Sharma, who is know for his role in Ek Ghar Banaunga, recently opened up about him battling depression for four years due to his personal and professional life. Here's what the young actor shared.
Vighnaharta Ganesha fame Rahul Sharma on him battling depression: Couldn't deal with breakup and career lows Vighnaharta Ganesha fame Rahul Sharma on him battling depression: Couldn't deal with breakup and career lows
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Since the past few weeks, many celebrities have been talking about depression and mental health. It is no more a subject of taboo, and several have come out to share their stories dealing with mental illness. Now, TV actor Rahul Sharma, who is known for his roles in popular shows like Ek Ghar Banaunga, Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, Vighnaharta Ganesh, and Mitegi Laxman Rekha, opened up about his fight with depression. The actor who is currently a part of Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi revealed that he battled depression for four years in a conversation with the Times of India. He shared that his bad breakup and his career lows affected him mentally, and he could not deal with it, resulting in depression. 

The young actor shared that he was in a relationship with an actress before. He refrained from naming his ex-girlfriend as she is married now. He stated that they broke up and parted ways in 2016 because they realized that they wanted different things from life. Rahul mentioned that he never thought that they would separate as they both had given the relationship their best. However, they finally split and he has left devastated. He said that he was not able to get over it (his breakup). 

Not only his personal, but his professional life was also taking a toll. The actor faced a difficult time in his wor life had a major career low. Rahul said that after working in several Indian Television shows people had started recognising his work. However, all of a sudden everything went downhill for him. He added that in the showbiz world, 'only uncertainty is certain' and everyone goes through it. 

He revealed, 'I used to get selected for TV shows, but in the end, I would be replaced by someone else.' Rahul further added that rejecting and getting replaced had become a pattern, and it happened to him in almost five shows. It was the same time that he was going through a bad phase in his relationship. 

Rahul shared that what later that he understood that he has slipped into depression as his normal routine was getting disrupted. 'After a few months, I realised that I was suffering from depression. Even in my sleep, I used to choke on my tears and I would wake up crying. It would take me hours to calm down. Finally, I decided to take charge of my own life,' the talented actor shared. 

Sharing how he handled the tough phase, changed his life, and became optimistic about life again, Rahul said that he started working out regularly and transformed himself physically within six months. He also began focussing on his career again. He said that soon he started looking 10 years younger, but felt wiser than before.

He shared that after almost two years of his breakup, he was a completely changed person. He realized that life is not about just a break-up or losing out on one or two TV shows, it is more than that, and he needed to rise above all of this.