Vivian Dsena OPENS UP on TV vs Bollywood, nepotism, favouritism debates and shooting amid COVID 19 crisis

Updated on Sep 23, 2020 05:46 AM IST  |  1.9M
Vivian Dsena OPENS UP on TV vs Bollywood, nepotism, favouritism debates and shooting amid COVID 19 crisis

Vivian Dsena is counted among the most talented and versatile actors in the Indian Television industry. He has been away from the TV screens for quite some time, and fans are missing him in abundance. Vivian is known for his open, honest, and frank views. He is someone who does not shy away from putting out his opinions in a candid manner. 

Recently, in a conversation with Hindustan Times, Vivian opened up about several serious topics. He expressed his views spoke at length and expressed his views on on-going topics about nepotism and favoritism, TV actors being considered less than Bollywood stars, future projects, and shooting amidst Coronavirus scare. Sharing his point of view on people favoring each other, Vivian said that favouritism exists to a certain extent in the Telly world. However, he also believes that it is not as much as he had seen and heard in Bollywood. 

'People play nasty games to get their job done in every field. I’ve faced such politics personally' said Vivian adding that he has also lost on some good TV shows due to it. However, he did not pay much attention to such things, as he does not believe in wasting time on such thoughts or discussions. Rather, Vivian feels that he worked on his craft and left rest to my audience and destiny. He also mentioned that he is not stuck up to Bollywood. 

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Throwing light upon the TV vs Bollywood debate, Vivian revealed that unlike many of his counterparts, he is not aiming to graduate to the film industry. He reiterated that he is happy with TV, and as an actor does not distinguisSometimesn mediums. 'I am content with TV and never had a Bollywood dream because I never differentiated between mediums. An actor is an actor,' stated Vivian. 

Moreover, Vivian thinks that Television has a wider reach and superior hand when it comes to audience interaction. 'As far TV is concerned it has a bigger reach and audience than Bollywood or else why would Bollywood movies be promoted on TV Shows?' asked Vivian. Further, he added that people who consider TV a smaller medium than Bollywood need to get their facts checked. Vivian also expressed his interest in exploring the OTT platform and his fascination with web content. 

The Shakti actor also reacted to the on-going favouritism and insider-outsider debates in the entertainment industry. He feels that all these discussions have taken a nasty turn, and people should begin seeing the optimistic sides also. 'These nepotism, favouritism debates have taken an ugly shape. It is time we start focusing on the positive aspects rather than destroying all the good things around us.' he said. 

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He also had a take on insecurity and rivalry among people in the industry. 'Professional rivalry is a part of any industry. Sometime we get our dues and sometime we don’t, but to blame the whole industry for that is foolish,' opined Vivian. 

As mentioned above, fans have been waiting for Vivian to spread his magic on screen, but the actor is on a self-inflicted sabbatical. Talking about his return, Vivian revealed that he enjoys being in his own space. In fact, he has always had a custom of taking long breaks between projects as it gets overwhelming. Also, he requires a lot of time to unlearn after he has done playing a character for the longest time. 

However, on a positive note, Vivian is planning to take up a TV show soon. Ask him how will he manage to shoot amid the Coronavirus scare as the cases are spiking by each passing day, he shared that he will take additional safety precautions. Vivian shared that makers and production houses are quite aware of the new normal and rules, but he will also take extra precautions. 

'Additional precautions from my side will be to do my own makeup and hair. It will be tough but I will give it a try,' Vivian concluded. Well, are you excited to see Vivian get back with a bang on your TV screens soon? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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