Weather plays spoilsport in Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s anniversary celebration plans

Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta tied the knot on 7th December, 2013.
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Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta are one of the hottest couples in Telly industry. Time and again, the two have been giving us some major relationship goals. It’s been four years since the couple got hitched and the two have big plans in store for their wedding anniversary.
Ravi and Sargun have decided to celebrate their special day in Udaipur. However, the two had an unexpected adventure while on their way to the beautiful city of Rajasthan. First, their flight got delayed, then due to low visibility it got redirected to Ahmedabad and then they took a cab which took 5 hours to reach Udaipur.
Ravi took to his Instagram account to share about his adventurous trip to Udaipur, he wrote, ‘’So it’s our anniversary tomorrow we decided to have some time in Udaipur..but there was an adventure in store first the flight took its time taking off then we get redirected to Ahmedabad because of low visibility now taking a cab that will take 5 hours to take us to Udaipur..happy anniversary baby.’’
After reaching the destination, Ravi shared an adorable selfie with Sargun wishing her Happy Anniversary. 
Earlier during an interview with a leading daily, when Ravi was asked about Sargun, he had said, ‘’ We literally fit into each other like two pieces of a puzzle. Her dreams are mine and we achieve things as a unit and not as an individual.''
Recently, on Sargun’s birthday, the actor had shared an adorable message. Addressing Sargun, Ravi wrote, “I must have done something right in my previous birth to have you in my life now. Sargun, I took two births, one when my parents gave me birth and the second when you taught me the ways of life. I respect you because you taught me the real meaning of self-respect. If you are with me, I am a king. You are the reason for my existence and I not only love you. I worship you. Happy Birthday. I wish you get all the happiness of the world.''

Finally at Udaipur would have taken lesser time to reach Europe

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