Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Will Shaheer Sheikh aka Abir & Rhea’s family convince Kunal & Mishti to marry?

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Rhea Sharma aka Mishti’s family is trying to convince Mishti to marry Kunal. Stay tuned to pinkvilla for all the updates!
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Shaheer Sheikh aka Abir and Rhea Sharma aka Mishti’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has been dishing out some interesting and binge-worthy episodes, ever since the premiere of the show. While the show started with Abir and Mishti as complete strangers, but during the course of the show, Shaheer aka Abir and Rhea aka Mishti are getting to know each other, and from what the viewers are shown, they are slowly getting fond of each other. Although their first encounter was when Mishti stole the bag of money from her father, Shaheer had caught her red handed and thought that she is a chor, but now Abir lovingly calls her Chorni.

Post that, Abir and Mishti met at Abir’s Holi party, and then, at Mishi’s house when Abir’s family had come to see Kuhu for Kunal. However, things took an ugly turn between Mishti and Abir’s family when Abir’s mother, Meenakshi, rejected Kuhu and instead asked for Mishti’s hand for Kunal. While Kuhu was left heartbroken, Abir turned messiah for Mishti after he got her to the hospital when Mishti met with an accident.

But before Mishti and her family could know, Abir asked Kunal to come to the hospital and tell everyone that he saved Mishti so that he could make up for all the damage that his mother had caused. In doing so, Mishti’s family feels that Kunal is a nice boy, and decides to consider Kunal’s mothers decision of marrying Kunal and Mishti. And therefore, we see the Maheshwari family trying hard to convince Mishti to marry Kunal. While earlier mishti wanted to say no, but after going paragliding with Abir, Mishti considers Abir’s words of wisdom and decides to give a chance to kunal.

Finally, in today’s episode, we will see Mishti and her family going to Abir’s house to attend their sisters sangeet ceremony, and indirectly, giving a hint to Abir’s family that they are interested in Kunal and Mishti’s marriage. Will Kunal and Mishti get married or Mishti will reject Kunal? Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the updates!

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