Anupamaa: Paras Kalnawat to Aashish Mehrotra; Actors who left Rupali Ganguly starrer mid-way

Anupamaa, loved by many, has seen numerous lead actors like Anagha Bhosale and Aashish Mehrotra exit the show at different times.

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Paras Kalnawat, Sagar Parekh, Aashish Mehrotra
Actors who left Anupamaa mid-way (PC: Paras Kalnawat, Sagar Parekh and Aashish Mehrotra Instagram)

Aashish Mehrotra, a key figure in the hit TV series Anupamaa, recently revealed his departure, adding to the list of celebrities who have left the show midway, much to the surprise of fans. Several prominent stars opted to exit during the show's peak popularity. 

Here's a look at all the well-known actors who also left Anupamaa earlier than anticipated.

Actors who left Anupamaa mid-way

1. Paras Kalnawat

Paras Kalnawat, who gained fame and much acclaim for his role as Samar in Anupamaa, left the show in October,2023 due to his contract being terminated by the makers. The production house accused Paras of 'breach of contract,' leading to his exit.

Take a look at Paras Kalnawat’s post:

2. Sagar Parekh

TV actor Sagar Parekh, who took over the role of Samar after Paras Kalnawat's exit, also left the popular show. 

His character's story ended with Samar's death in an accident, causing Vanraj to blame Anuj. Sagar's departure left fans saddened, and Anupamaa has since seen a decline in its TRP ratings. 

Speaking on the same, Sagar commented, “The show was consistently at the top for 3 years. I don't blame anyone for my exit. The dropping TRP is the main reason, which is the greatest fear for any maker. We needed to shake up the audience.”


Take a look at Sagar Parekh's post here-

3. Aashish Mehrotra

Aashish Mehrotra revealed his decision to depart from the popular show ‘Anupamaa’ in order to join the cast of Khatron Ke Khiladi 14. The actor shared his longing for a change and his wish to push himself beyond his usual boundaries. Although the premiere date for KKK 14 hasn't been announced yet, fans can eagerly anticipate watching Aashish tackle new challenges on the reality show.

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4. Anagha Bhosale

Anagha Bhosale, who played Samar's girlfriend in the series, gained admiration for her chemistry and playful interactions with Samar (then played by Paras Kalnawat). However, she chose to leave the show midway to embark on a spiritual journey. Her unexpected departure surprised many netizens, given the show's popularity.

Take a look at Anagha Bhosale’s post:

5. Muskan Bamne

Muskan Bamne, who played Pakhi for over three years, was well-received by the audience. However, when the show decided to jump five years ahead, she was expected to portray a mother, a role she was uncomfortable with. 


As a result, Muskan decided to leave the show. In an exclusive interview, she explained, "It's not certain I'll get the same types of roles, but playing a mother might lead to more similar offers. I didn't want to increase that possibility right now.”

Muskan continued, “Once you play a mother on screen, it can lead to being typecast in similar roles in other shows."

Take a look at Muskan Bamne’s post:

6. Ashlesha Sawant

Ashlesha Sawant, known for her role as Barkha Kapadia, Gaurav Khanna's on-screen sister-in-law in Anupamaa, announced her exit from the show. 

With the storyline shifting after the time jump, her character's role concluded as the Kapadia and Shah families, including Anupamaa, relocated to the United States. 

Ashlesha told Bombay Times, "My storyline has ended, and there's no further need for my character in the plot. It's a positive departure, and I'm looking forward to new projects.”


Take a look at Ashlesha Sawant’s post:

7. Tassnim Nerurkar

Tassnim Nerurkar, known for portraying Rakhi Dave, left the show last year. Speaking on the same, the actress mentioned, "The storyline didn't necessitate my presence. I was also curious about when I would come back. My team has allowed me to consider new projects, but I'll only choose those I genuinely enjoy."

Take a look at Tassnim Nerurkar’s post:

8. Alma Hussein

Alma Hussein portrayed Sara, Barkha's daughter, in the television series. Due to her character receiving limited attention, she opted to leave the show before its completion. The actress has also been part of the TV series Dhadkan Zindagi Kii.

Take a look at Alma Hussein’s post:

The journey of actors in Anupamaa reflects the dynamic nature of television serials, where characters evolve, storylines shift, and actors make decisions based on various factors. 

From unexpected exits due to contract issues to departures driven by creative choices or character arcs, each actor's journey adds to the show's narrative complexity. 

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