Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 26: Toshu informs Anupama about his new job at Anuj's company, leaves her worried

In today's (February 26) episode of Anupamaa, Dimpy breaks down thinking about Ansh's future but Titu arrives to encourage her. Meanwhile, Anupama requests Toshu to not break Anuj's trust.

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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 26
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Anupamaa Written Update, February 26, 2024 episode: Anupama tries to drag Toshu inside the house as he misbehaves with Yashdeep. However, he doesn't listen and tells Yashdeep that he doesn't need to give Anupama pick-and-drop service as she can manage herself or he and Kinjal can take care of her. Yashdeep then tells Toshu that he should have done whatever he said. 

Toshu informs Anupama about his new job

Toshu continues misbehaving with Yashdeep. Anupama asks Yashdeep to leave, and she lashes out at Toshu. She warns Toshu to not get involved in her life and asks him to instead worry about his family. Anupama informs Toshu that two goons arrived at his house and threatened Kinjal and Pari. She confronts Toshu for not paying their money and mentions what could have happened if they had fired the gun.

Anupama suggests that Toshu should do something to return their money. Toshu informs Anupama that he has a solution. When Anupama asks about the solution, Toshu informs her that he has gotten a job in Anuj's company. He tells her that he will work there and repay the amount to the goons. Toshu enters the house. He then talks to Pari and promises her to fulfill all her dreams. Meanwhile, Anupama and Kinjal are disappointed seeing Toshu's behavior. 


Anupama warns Toshu and Kinjal

Later, while Anupama puts Pari to sleep, she hears Kinjal and Toshu arguing loudly with one another. She then interferes and lashes out at both of them for disturbing her and Pari's sleep at midnight. She tells them that she is coming to their house only for Pari and is helping them indirectly. Anupama reveals how her day has been stressful and slams Toshu for misbehaving with her boss. 

She warns Kinjal and Toshu that if their argument continues then she won't ever come to their house and won't even see their face. Anupama shares how she is unable to rest because of them so she can return to her restaurant to sleep. Kinjal apolgises. Anupama then goes to sleep. 

Titu consoles Dimpy

Dimpy cries worrying about Ansh's misbehavior and future. Titu arrives to console her and asks her to dance to get rid of her worry. Titu and Dimpy then dance together. Dimpy feels better after dancing and recalls how Anupama advised her to not stop in her life and face everything. 

Anupama feeds breakfast to Pari and has a little fun chat with her. She informs Kinjal that she made their dinner. Anupama then explains to Kinjal that she shouldn't go alone to less crowded places as the goons might do anything. She asks Kinjal if she spoke to Toshu. Toshu then arrives and informs them that it is his first day at Anuj's company. 

Shruti asks Anuj if he has given Anupama's son a job in his company and taunts him for trying to get close to Anupama. She then apologizes to Anuj for taunting him. Anuj explains to Shruti how he understands her emotions and asks her not to bottle up her feelings as it might hurt her in the future. Aadhya calls Shruti. 

Anupama requests Toshu

Toshu takes Anupama's blessings and informs her and Kinjal that he will take an advance salary from Anuj's company to repay his loans and buy a new house and car. Anupama questions his plans to take an advance salary on the first day of his job. Anupama firmly tells Toshu to repay the money before making any useless luxurious purchases.

Anupama requests Toshu to not take advantage of Anuj's politeness and asks him to concentrate on his work. She tells him to not break Anuj's trust. The episode ends.


Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar. 

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