Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 27: Anupama fulfills her dream, gets new job with Yashdeep's help

In today's (February 27) episode of Anupamaa, Anupama gets one more job in America because of Yashdeep's help. Meanwhile, Aadhya asks Anuj and Shruti to patch up.

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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 27
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Anupamaa Written Update, Feb 27: Anupama warns Toshu to not mess up Anuj's work and to not break his trust. She mentions that if something goes wrong then it should be between him and Anuj and she shouldn't get involved. Toshu promises her that he won't do anything wrong as he has got a job after a long time and he won't do anything to lose it.

Pari arrives and Toshu and Pari bid goodbye and leave. Anupama worries thinking why Anuj gave Toshu the job. Kinjal then asks Anupama if there is any news about Aadhya. Anupama expresses her concern mentioning how it is not easy to forget such incidents. She recalls how she is still scared alone to go to less crowded places and Aadhya is just a kid.

Kinjal suggests Anupama call Shruti and Anuj to know about Aadhya's well-being. Anupama refuses saying that she scolded Aadhya and she can't call them. However, Kinjal insists Anupama to call and leaves. 

Aadhya asks Anuj and Shruti to patch up:

Anuj and Shruti take care of Aadhya. Anuj requests Aadhya to not repeat what she did. Aadhya expresses her concern while talking to Anuj and Shruti and says how she was worried thinking that their family was breaking. Aadhya asks Shruti and Anuj to patch up. She mentions how Anupama doesn't want to bother them and doesn't wish to get involved in their relationship. 


Aadhya pleads with Shruti to return to the house. Anuj and Shruti ask Aadhya to calm down. However, Aadhya panics and asks Shruti if she is with her forever. Anuj asks Aadhya to not force Shruti. Anuj gets Anupama's call and he walks out of Aadhya's room.

Anupama and Anuj talk:

Anupama inquires about Aadhya's condition and Anuj assures her that she is better. Anuj and Anupama worry about each other and comfort each other to not worry much. Anupama then asks Anuj why he gave a job to Toshu in his company and tells her that she won't take his guarantee.

Anupama explains to Anuj how Toshu has big and unexpected dreams. She tells him to think twice before trusting Toshu. Anupama asks Anuj if he gave Toshu a job because of her and Anuj says yes. Anuj mentions how Toshu needs training to focus. 

Anuj then tells Anupama that he is wearing specs and it reminds him of their first meeting. He recalls the days when they were together. However, Anupama disconnects the call saying that she doesn't want to discuss this. Anupama disconnects the call and decides to focus on her work and dance.

Shruti overhears Anuj and Anupama's conversation and tells Anuj that she will explain to Aadhya. 

Anupama gets job as a dance teacher:

Anupama performs classical dance along with a professional choreographer, Diya and Yashdeep record their dance on his phone. Diya praises Anupama's dance and asks her to join her. Diya tells Anupama that she can learn to dance and also teach dance along with her. Diya insists saying that she will earn extra income. 

Anupama gets elated and Yashdeep congratulates her. She then dances her heart out. Diya sees Yashdeep admiring Anupama as she dances. She then teases Yashdeep saying that he is blushing. Diya, who is Yashdeep's friend, asks him to come to her house for dinner along with Anupama. Yashdeep agrees. 

Baa prepares for America trip:

Vanraj explains to Ansh that stealing is bad. Kavya arrives while Baa packs snacks as she is supposed to go to America. When Kavya asks why she is carrying snacks, Baa mentions that she will give them to Kinjal and Toshu. Pakhi then rudely tells Baa to meet Anupama as well and to know whether she is working as a chef or as a servant. Kavya then slams her for talking bad about Anupama.


Yashdeep reveals shocking news about Diya:

Anupama shares her joy with Yashdeep and tells her that she felt extremely happy after dancing. She thanks Yashdeep for the opportunity and for motivating her. Yashdeep too praises her for growing quickly in America. She asks Yashdeep if Diya is his close friend. Yashdeep mentions that Diya's husband Dinesh is his old friend and they were together in the Army. 

Yashdeep mentions that he often visits Dinesh's house and thus becomes good friends with Diya. He informs Anupama that Diya and Dinesh had a daughter but she passed away due to cancer. He mentions how Dinesh motivated her to dance, and thus she opened this academy for her. Yashdeep then reveals that even Diya has cancer. Anupama is shocked to hear this. The episode ends.

Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar. 

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